Disloyal Weakness: Even As Two Canadians Are Arbitrarily Jailed, Liberal MP Acts Like China Tourism Spokesman, Says It’s “Safe” For Canadians To Travel To The Communist State

How can it be safe for Canadians to travel to a country that has kidnapped our citizens and put them in horrific jails with no access to human rights?

It gets tiring to keep saying it, but it still needs to be said.

The weakness of the Trudeau Liberals towards Communist China is putting Canadians at risk.

The latest example is Liberal MP Rob Oliphant – the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs – who is now basically doing the job of Communist China’s tourism department.

In what certainly feels like disloyalty and weakness, Oliphant is claiming that it’s “safe” for Canadians to travel to Communist China, despite all the evidence to the contrary:

Here’s what Oliphant said, as reported by the Globe & Mail:

“We are saying it is still safe. These, I think, were very targeted abductions. We don’t have any sense that Canadians going to China would be in any different situation than they have been in previous years.”

What the hell is Oliphant talking about here?

He doesn’t think people “would be in any different situation”?


Tell that to Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

They were certainly put in a “different situation.”

They were kidnapped, are being detained without access to lawyers, and are being held in terrible conditions.

Sure seems “different” to me.

Communist China has made clear that they have ZERO respect for Canadians, and are willing to kidnap Canadian Citizens to use as political ploys. They don’t fear our government, and they realize they can get away with anything.

The Trudeau government has even refused to pull Canada’s $250 million contribution to the China-controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank.

And now, a top Liberal MP is acting like an employee for China’s tourism department, and is telling people it’s still safe to visit the Communist State.

What a pathetic disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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How about sending Rob over to China to promote tourism, another puppet of Trudeau

Donald O'Kane

You couldn’t pay me enough money to go to China. They obviously have NO respect for Canada or our citizens because of our weak and spineless federal government. We need to demand the release of the two Michaels, put tarifs on Chinese products or refuse to import products from China. God knows they are sending us some very poor and dangerous products so block everything that we are to avoid purchasing and there are many Like 5G, chicken, rice, pepper and the list goes on and on. There are many warnings on many of their products.


China does not respect its own citizens. Just like Trudope. No wonder he admires so much the commies.

Don Taylor

The Trudeau govt has been a disaster from the beginning,people now Can’t stand to hear him or look at the smirk on his face


Here’s hoping the Liberal M.P.s put China on their itinerary for summer vacation then.


And for some unfathomable reason, people still vote Liberal. What is it that encourages them? Nice hair and being pretty are not attributes of a leader, so what is it? I try to get them to justify their support and their reasons and they get angry, calling me hateful and a racist. It might come as a complete shock to Liberals and their supporters but we still have freedom of speech in Canada, at least for the next few months. What’s with this travel to China or anywhere? Travel causes pollution so the Trudeau cartel should be discouraging any and… Read more »

William Jones

“…….what a pathetic disgrace.” Most people capable of independent thought would agree wholeheartedly with that comment. However, that exact comment applies to the Liberal Party of Canada every day.

Shawn Harris

With Trudeau’s love of the basic Chinese dictatorship and his total lack of fighting back against China; Oliphant’s statement, saying it is safe to travel to China, would be considered a joke, if not for the serious trouble Spavor and Kovrig are in.The Liberals say it is safe to travel to China. It has never been safe to travel to any communist country, let alone China. China is known around the world as a brutal state controlled communist dictatorship and it can never be compared to countries with real democracies such as Canada; even though ours is in danger of… Read more »