FORUM POLL: Conservatives Catching Liberals In Quebec

Liberals lead in Montreal, while Conservatives dominate Quebec City.

A new Forum Research poll shows the Conservatives catching up to the Liberals in Quebec.

After surveying 977 people, Forum found that 30% would vote Liberal, while 28% would vote Conservative.

The Bloc are in third with 15%, followed by the Greens at 10% and the NDP at 9%.

The People’s Party is at 4%.

As reported by the Montreal Gazette, “The gap between the Liberals and Conservatives is narrowing in Quebec and that is bad news for the Liberals,” said Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research. “The Liberals need a strong showing in Quebec and Ontario to win government, and a strong Conservative Party and a resurgent Bloc make that much, much more difficult.”

With the Liberals expected to lose seats in Western Canada, they have been counting on offsetting those losses with more seats in Quebec. If that doesn’t happen, then a Liberal majority is highly unlikely, and the Conservatives have a much higher chance of being victorious.

When we look at the regional Quebec breakdowns, the Conservatives lead with 48% in Quebec City, while the Liberals are strongest in Montreal with 41%.

Outside of Quebec City and Montreal, the Conservatives lead by 6%.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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How is the ppc only at 4% ?

old white guy

Most polls are push polls and very inaccurate.

Shawn Harris

Could it be that even now the citizens of Quebec have finally started to see the real Trudeau as the fraud he has always been?. Just think, in another 30 days, Canadians could be going to the polls. And if these numbers hold through to the start of the election, Trudeau could make history again by being the third PM to have lost power after having been given a majority government. Let’s hope this message gets through to the public everywhere and that Scheer gets a majority government.

Denis Langlois

Some quebecers are finally waking-up.


For losses in in Western Canada, liberals tend to use the illegals as their voting block as well as Quecbec Montreal….,
The mastermind behind Trudeau KNOW PERFECTLY WELL what they are doing to get the ‘extra’ votes we yet to know.


Illegals get here then don’t want other illegals here so they don’t loose their welfare $ it’s just human nature, so don’t count of illegals to support a party that wants more illegals.