Maxime Bernier Slams Trudeau’s ‘Climate Of Intolerance’

“Trudeau keeps playing divisive identity politics” says People’s Party Leader.

As Justin Trudeau attempts to divide Canadians for political gain, People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier is pushing back, pointing out that Trudeau is creating a ‘climate of intolerance.’

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“1/ Trudeau keeps playing divisive identity politics. “It’s just unfortunate that there are still some party leaders who want to be prime minister, who choose to stand with people who are intolerant instead of standing with the LGBT community,” he said.”

“2/ Nonsense. First, can we stop taking about an LGBT “community?” There are Canadians who happen to be gay, lesbian, trans, etc. All those I know say they have nothing in common with the likes of Yaniv, Oger, and other Far Left activists who claim to be speaking for them.”

“3/ They live normal lives that are not centred on their sexuality or gender. They don’t necessarily feel the need to publicly show their “pride.” They simply are who they are. They don’t try to subvert every traditional social norm.”

“4/ Our family members, friends and colleagues who are LGBT must have the same respect and rights as everyone. But there’s nothing intolerant in opposing the radical fringe of this movement and not attending a pride parade. Trudeau is the one fostering a climate of intolerance.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Max Bernier definitely Speaks and Stands Up for “True” Canadians!

Major Tom

“Divide and conquer!”


That’s the name of the game …it’s everywhere worldwide….MSM is purposefully working hard to divide …either by race, gender or any other means ….

Glen Aldridge

Well that blows all the Pundits out of the water claiming Bernier never says anything bad about Trudeau doesn’t it?


How can the truth possibly be bad? Trudeau supports banning and manipulating free speech. M-103 anyone?

While on Bernier – Trudeau has manipulated the traditional rules for Leader’s Debate by deliberately excluding Bernier. This is a Leader’s Debate”, not an Elected Member’s Debate. This shows clearly that Trudeau is a coward and continually manipulates Laws, rules and regulations only for his benefit. SNC-Lavalin comes to mind.

Trudeau is scared of Bernier and cannot stand opposition. He fired two very strong and respected women. This comes from never hearing the word NO in childhood.

We have to demand Bernier be included.

old white guy

I don’t think telling the truth about Trudeau is in any way a bad thing.


People’s party sounds like a name Trudeau invented

Lorraine Armstrong

It’s called ‘People’s Party’ because it is FOR the people. Grow up, yes?


Sounds like a name Trudeau would use.


Our government is push sex with the same gender while destroying the family dynamics that created our country.
Not right and I will never accept it no matter how much our governments and media push it.
It is not hate to disagree and walk away.

Elizabeth Thorne

Thank you Max for speaking up, I am starting to think we Canadians still have some hope for a life close to normal.


I think the pride society should ban Andrew Sheer from all future activities. That will really make a statement!


Our PM is as phony as one can get.He is a globalist.He would fly to all those confereces every day if he could,with a jet plane that spews millions of littres of polluting gases and at the same time he pretends that he cares about clean air.At the conferences he buys friendships by throwing our hard earned money to any country he pleases with no accountability.Gives money to China to build their infrastructure, yet before the last election he was going to borrow money to build our infrastructure,yet when I go to a department store every product is made in… Read more »


Max is speaking the truth. This type of factual objective thinking is sorely needed in all of our parties and civil service. Doublespeak and PC jargon needs to take a hike.

Lorraine Armstrong

Thank you Spencer for allowing a platform where we can comment on PPC and Maxime Bernier. He WILL be a force to be reckoned with