Man Who Stabbed Canadian Soldiers & Wrote “I Have A Licence To Kill,” Approved For Day Passes To Visit Toronto

What the hell is wrong with the system that it allows someone so dangerous to walk around in public.

In yet another example of how the ‘justice’ system favours the worst of the worst at the expense of the safety of law-abiding Canadians, someone deemed a “significant threat” is getting day passes to visit Toronto, as revealed by the Toronto Sun.

“Just three years after stabbing three soldiers at a Toronto recruitment office with a large kitchen knife, Ayanle Hassan Ali is now eligible to visit his family this year in Toronto on two-day passes if his psychiatric hospital agrees he’s well enough, the Sun has learned.”

Ayanle Hassan Ali stabbed three Canadian soldiers at a recruiting office in 2016. As reported by the Toronto Sun, Ali had clammed he had “a licence to kill.”

“I have a licence to kill; I have a green light to kill,” Ali had written in his diary. “One soldier is all it takes, just one.”

Ali was acquitted of terror charges, and then found not criminally responsible because of ‘mental disorder.’

The Ontario Review Board (ORB) said was a “significant threat” to the community, yet still authorized him to attend Mohawk college.

And now, Ali has been given the ability to travel to Toronto to visit his family on two-day passes, as long as his psychiatric hospital approves.

What this means is that a man who tried killing three Canadian soldiers, and who claimed he had a “licence to kill,” could soon be walking the streets posing a risk to innocent Canadians.

This is an absolute travesty, and is yet another reason so few people have any confidence in the justice system in this country.

While law-abiding Canadians like rural firearms owners are treated like criminals by the federal government, the government gives a slap on the wrist to people who commit horrific crimes, and then put all of us at risk by letting those people walk free among us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube