Dismal Jobs Report Highlights Trudeau’s Economic Failures

Devastating loss of private sector jobs is an indictment of Trudeau’s failing policies.

Canada’s latest jobs report is absolutely dismal, with a net loss of 24,200 jobs, and a whopping loss of 69,300 private sector jobs.

It’s the second month in a row in which Canada has shed jobs.

The unemployment rate (which already drastically undercounts the true number of jobless Canadians) rose to 5.7%.

Additionally, while there were 27,000 ‘self-employment’ jobs created, many of those jobs represent people who previously had secure private sector jobs, and are now in a much more precarious situation.

This dismal jobs report is an indictment of Justin Trudeau’s economic policies.

After all, with so much deficit spending flowing into the economy, the very least we should expect is a temporary boost to growth. Yet growth between 2011-2015 under the Harper Government, was better than it has been under the Trudeau government, despite the fact that Harper was restraining government spending and cutting the deficit.

So, the Trudeau Liberals are managing to run up tons of debt, while presiding over a weaker economy and some dismal jobs numbers.

What a disaster.

Spencer Fernando


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We are damaged by the useless Trudeau Carbon Tax.


If Butts and Trudeau’s puppets get back in bye Canada.


It’s strange that so many “self employment” jobs are being created when Trudeau and Morneau once said that small business owners were little more than tax cheats. Oh, well! Surely they’ll find some way to blame the loss of jobs on the Conservatives! It’s all Harper’s fault, or maybe Trump’s or…

Brian Dougan

What economic policies? (Beyond “the budget will balance itself.”)