WATCH: Catherine McKenna Couldn’t Even Answer Simple Question About Carbon Tax Grab Scam

Further proof that it’s all a fraud being perpetrated on the Canadian People.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to scare people into voting for them, by somehow implying that the carbon tax is the only thing that can save Canada from an ’emergency.’

Of course, we know that the carbon tax is actually a tax grab scam, and Catherine McKenna’s inability to answer a simple question about it is further proof of the carbon tax’s fraudulent nature.

A clip from a short time ago is circulating again on Twitter, as people react to the Liberals pushing their increasingly unhinged ’emergency’ rhetoric.

The video shows Conservative MP Robert Sopuck asking environment minister Catherine McKenna “how much will Canada’s emissions be reduced under a $50 a tonne carbon tax?”

Sounds simple enough.

After all, the government must know those numbers if they’re going to claim the carbon tax is actually about the environment, right?

Well, turns out that McKenna couldn’t answer even that simple question, as you can see in the video below:

So, the government can’t even answer what should be the easiest question to explain, yet somehow claims the right to impose the tax on us and take our money away, all under the pretext of a so-called ’emergency?’

Total scam.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter