WATCH: Catherine McKenna Couldn’t Even Answer Simple Question About Carbon Tax Grab Scam

Further proof that it’s all a fraud being perpetrated on the Canadian People.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to scare people into voting for them, by somehow implying that the carbon tax is the only thing that can save Canada from an ’emergency.’

Of course, we know that the carbon tax is actually a tax grab scam, and Catherine McKenna’s inability to answer a simple question about it is further proof of the carbon tax’s fraudulent nature.

A clip from a short time ago is circulating again on Twitter, as people react to the Liberals pushing their increasingly unhinged ’emergency’ rhetoric.

The video shows Conservative MP Robert Sopuck asking environment minister Catherine McKenna “how much will Canada’s emissions be reduced under a $50 a tonne carbon tax?”

Sounds simple enough.

After all, the government must know those numbers if they’re going to claim the carbon tax is actually about the environment, right?

Well, turns out that McKenna couldn’t answer even that simple question, as you can see in the video below:

So, the government can’t even answer what should be the easiest question to explain, yet somehow claims the right to impose the tax on us and take our money away, all under the pretext of a so-called ’emergency?’

Total scam.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

The carbon tax is a scam that the liberal govt is imposing on the people,I will NEVER vote for this Corrupt govt


It is unfathomable to me that people have been so brain washed so that her drivel makes sense.

Shawn Harris

McKenna in this video shows perfectly why she is both unfit as an environment minister and by extension why she would be arrested for fraud, if she was to try and scam a private citizen , by saying for $50 I can make your gas powered car produce less carbon. Like all scam artists, they distract you with a pitch/argument that makes you really want something while they stealthily steal your money and fail to deliver , as they disappear into the night. The liberals never had a belief in saving the environment or the world; but certainly have an… Read more »

Mike B

She cannot answer a question? Well the science is settled, so just answer! Surely her science adviser (that bobblehead Kirstie Duncan) can use that faux-nobel prize IPCC brain of hers to cobble together a simple explanation from all that stuff over which the debate has concluded? No? Oh. Well darn.

Clive Edwards

If the globalists bomb third world countries into oblivion in order to steal their resources, I guess the way they steal resources from developed nations is to turn them into “Post Nation States” (Turdo’s words) or “Post Developed Nations” (mine). Looking around the world, it seems that if the Americans aren’t allowed to have any friends other than the “Five Eyes” then Canada isn’t allowed to have any international friends either.


Catherine, you are in way over your head, it is time to get out!

Sharon Kerr

It was Climate Barbie who gave the okay to dump millions of tons of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River. Clueless. She was assured it wouldn’t cause harm, WRONG, a few years later, the Liberal government scientists were baffled when hundreds of dead fish washed up on the shore.

William Jones

And yet, when she is attempting to bolster her position on ‘climate change,’ she can yell and rant and go on endless for as much as almost two minutes, without taking a deep breath — it would appear that there are ‘two levels’ of discussion for her — neither making must sense — but, then, she is, after all, a Liberal.

Randall A. Davies

McKenna even stated that everything is based on a “Model”. A “Model” is not scientific fact just as a “theory” is not scientific fact. Anyone can manipulate a model to give one his or her desired outcome. I cannot believe Canadians are so gullible.