SICK: Liberal MP Adam Vaughan Uses Photo Of U.S.-Mexico Border Facility To Attack Canadian Conservatives

More misinformation from the Trudeau Liberals.

With one hoax already being debunked and shattered, the Trudeau Liberals would have been wise to take a bit of a break before spreading lies about Conservatives.


Instead, Liberal MP Adam Vaughan issued the following Tweet:

“The Conservatives tried to take away healthcare for the children of refugees. Now they are trying to blame school cuts on these children. All children need care and all should be in school. We all know where right-wing scapegoating leads us. Our Government won’t cage children.”

The photo above is not from Canada. It’s from a U.S. border facility near the U.S. border with Mexico.

It’s absolutely sick misinformation, a total attempt to deceive Canadians.

Warren Kinsella called Vaughan out for the misinformation:

“Adam, this simply appalling. This is not a photo of children anywhere in Canada. You know that. You need to make that clear. #cdnpoli #lpc”

But Vaughan doesn’t care. His goal is to do anything possible to demonize Canadian Conservatives. And if he has to use a photo from the United States that has absolutely ZERO relevance to anything taking place in Canada, well, that’s what he’ll do.

This is sickening, and it shows how desperate and dishonest the Liberals have become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Sherrill Wiseman

The more I hear from and about the Liberals, the more I am decided to vote Conservative.


Only people who believe the Liberal fantasy will fall for Vaughan’s misinformation. I hope Canadians wake up before Oct. 21st.