All Liberal MPs Who Refuse To Stand Against Trudeau Are Complicit In The Corruption

Do they stand with Canadians, or do they stand with Trudeau?

The corruption and dishonesty of the Trudeau Liberal Government has now been revealed for all to see.

The Ethics Commissioner ruling shows that Justin Trudeau was lying the entire time, in everything he said about the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

Meanwhile, everything Jody Wilson-Raybould said was correct.

This now raises a clear question for every Liberal backbench MP: Do you stand with the Canadian People, or do you stand with Justin Trudeau?

Because, there is now no middle ground between the two. Trudeau showed total contempt for Canadians by perpetrating lies for so long. Any Liberal MP who refuses to condemn Trudeau and who refuses to stand against Trudeau will become complicit in the corruption of the federal government.

They all now have a clear choice to make, and for their own conscience’s and their own sense of justice and dignity, they should make the right one and stand with Canadians against Trudeau and his cronies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube