All Liberal MPs Who Refuse To Stand Against Trudeau Are Complicit In The Corruption

Do they stand with Canadians, or do they stand with Trudeau?

The corruption and dishonesty of the Trudeau Liberal Government has now been revealed for all to see.

The Ethics Commissioner ruling shows that Justin Trudeau was lying the entire time, in everything he said about the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

Meanwhile, everything Jody Wilson-Raybould said was correct.

This now raises a clear question for every Liberal backbench MP: Do you stand with the Canadian People, or do you stand with Justin Trudeau?

Because, there is now no middle ground between the two. Trudeau showed total contempt for Canadians by perpetrating lies for so long. Any Liberal MP who refuses to condemn Trudeau and who refuses to stand against Trudeau will become complicit in the corruption of the federal government.

They all now have a clear choice to make, and for their own conscience’s and their own sense of justice and dignity, they should make the right one and stand with Canadians against Trudeau and his cronies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Enemies of the Canadian people.


This whole unethical puppet government, and the lies daily almost, lies they had printed in their owned bought out mainstream press, that alot of is owned by Soros and his radical groups, if you are in politics supposedly for what Canadians want and pay to much taxes for, we all knew these people lied. Oh and by the way Spencer , only Medicine Hat news had a story on this, written by a Conservative MP, nothing else came up on this “on line” news, Gee makes you wonder what else we miss or would not know how to find, these… Read more »

Jeffrey Stephaniuk

Of course they stand with him and against Canadians. That line in the sand was crossed the moment they agreed to demand and defend abortion in Canada and overseas as a pre-condition for running as a candidate. It’s like, “you let us get away with murder and we’ll let you get away with contravening ‘Harper-era laws’ which we ‘don’t agree with anyway.'”

Don Taylor

I suggest that most canadians would vote against Trudeau


How soon can we expect Jody and Jane to file defamation and slander lawsuits against Trudeau and his entire PMO? We Canadians also need to file a class action lawsuit against him for fraud as he is politicking and campaigning before he even calls the election, spending millions repeatedly traveling across Canada, pretending to be acting as the PM. He isn’t, but expects us to pay for his flights, hotels, holidays, his Security goon expenses and that of all his Caucus. FRAUD and possible theft.

Eric R

It is hard to imagine that JT and the Liberals will win a single seat in October. Yet, that is what is still a likely scenario due to the political apathy and ignorance of much of the electorate. Should JT win again, it indicates a country of fools who are willing to allow known criminals back into power. I will be voting for Maxime Bernier and the PPC, primarily because of their stance on eliminating the dairy cartel and corporate welfare.

Norbert Kausen

… or it could be an indication of electoral fraud, perpetrated by the liberals. Apparently, there are reports that the 2015 elections were highly “irregular” and hence Trudeau should NOT be sitting as the prime minister and the liberals should NOT have formed the government! Much more must be investigated into these allegations and acted upon!


There is no use complaining or even posting your opinions. The system is set up so that the same actions will continue no matter what party is in power – the Trudeau trust fund will continue to receive money from the Saudis for oil – Muslims will continue to overrun our nation and Justin Trudeau will give himself and Bill Morneau medals for service to Canada while collecting huge pensions they dont need. So move along children – nothing to see here.

Richard Courtemanche

Trudeau accepts the responsibility but not the conclusions of Mario Dumont’s report; therefore, he doesn’t understand his responsibility. The sly-smiling and arrogant moron just doesn’t get it. He makes his own rules for convenience even the present election rules to facilitate a victory. Don’t wish for an apology, people! It’s meaningless from him. The corrupt man admires the Chinese dictatorial system which makes him dangerous. He’s already made totalitarian decisions, many decimating Canadian economic and cultural interests. This narcissist is incompetent and unsuitable to govern a democracy. Trudeau should not be allowed to make any more decisions until he’s removed… Read more »

David Henley

We have more to worry about than just Trudeau. We all know how corrupt he is. It is hard to believe that some still think he is good for Canada. The unfortunate truth is that Scheer is on the same page, maybe not as bad but still taking Canada down the road to be controlled by the UN. His policies are not that far from Trudeau. just a scary thought not to have a leader that thinks Canada is not better without having an unelected group call the UN deciding our laws.