REPORT: Despite Virtue-Signalling & Damaging Carbon Tax, Impact Of Justin Trudeau’s ‘Climate Plan’ Is Equivalent To Donald Trump’s

Everyone is failing to meet climate targets, but at least the US is doing it without crushing people with a carbon tax.

A new report from the Climate Action Network reveals that Justin Trudeau’s ‘climate plan’ is achieving as much (or as little) as Donald Trump’s plan.

According to a recent Global report, “Climate Action Network ranks Canada’s climate plan as having the same impact on global warming as the policies of the United States, where U.S. President Donald Trump has rejected the Paris agreement.”

Notably, that means the US plan is achieving the same results as Canada, even though the US has rejected the Paris Accord, and has not imposed a carbon tax on their citizens.

This only further confirms that the Paris Accord is all about centralizing control and virtue-signalling, and it also confirms that the carbon tax (as we all know) is a tax grab, not an environmental policy.

The Trudeau Liberals are failing miserably to hit Canada’s climate targets, and their failing even while taxing the crap out of Canadians, pushing investment out of our country, and damaging the economy.

It’s a pathetic level of incompetence and dishonesty from the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube