REPORT: Despite Virtue-Signalling & Damaging Carbon Tax, Impact Of Justin Trudeau’s ‘Climate Plan’ Is Equivalent To Donald Trump’s

Everyone is failing to meet climate targets, but at least the US is doing it without crushing people with a carbon tax.

A new report from the Climate Action Network reveals that Justin Trudeau’s ‘climate plan’ is achieving as much (or as little) as Donald Trump’s plan.

According to a recent Global report, “Climate Action Network ranks Canada’s climate plan as having the same impact on global warming as the policies of the United States, where U.S. President Donald Trump has rejected the Paris agreement.”

Notably, that means the US plan is achieving the same results as Canada, even though the US has rejected the Paris Accord, and has not imposed a carbon tax on their citizens.

This only further confirms that the Paris Accord is all about centralizing control and virtue-signalling, and it also confirms that the carbon tax (as we all know) is a tax grab, not an environmental policy.

The Trudeau Liberals are failing miserably to hit Canada’s climate targets, and their failing even while taxing the crap out of Canadians, pushing investment out of our country, and damaging the economy.

It’s a pathetic level of incompetence and dishonesty from the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

I believe that Trudeau and his liberal party are corrupt and his carbon tax is HURTING the Canadian people,he is a liar and a thief

Major Tom

If the globalists truly seek to address climate change….why don’t they try moving the sun and moon?


Carbon Tax has nothing to do with climate change it is another idea how to extract taxes out of Canadians to pay the interest on the billions on dollars the government borrowed.

William Jones

Theft is theft, regardless of the name used.

Elizabeth Thorne

Confucius said, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name”. Modern day he would say “Climate change is such horse pucky”.

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau’s vision for Canada as he currently and deliberately destroys our national economy, our oil industry, raises taxes, sends out a clear message to all businesses and investors that Canada is anti business, and against progress and development; all to show to the world, that I Trudeau and my Liberals are willing to sacrifice Canada and Canadians upon the altar of environmentalism, to save the world. All the while nations around the world are doing more to increase the levels of carbon/pollution, at the same time as they are reaping the benefits from worldwide wealth transfers. And Trudeau is… Read more »

Joanne Sanford

You have gotten that right!! Wake up people we are being conned, there is no need for climate change! It is a normal cycle that has been going on for ever. Just one more method of taking over the population for they’re purposes. Figure it out!!!