DISTURBING: Liberal Candidate Praised Brutal Communist Dictator Fidel Castro, Said “Long Live The Revolution”

Is that someone who should be holding power over you?

The Conservatives have uncovered disturbing comments from handpicked Trudeau Liberal candidate Heather Megill, posting a screengrab of a Facebook post she made praising brutal dictator Fidel Castro.

Here’s what the Conservatives said on Twitter:

“Long live the Revolution”. It is disgusting that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is selecting candidates who call for political violence, the imprisonment of religious and ethnic minorities, and persecution of the LGBT community.”

In her post, Megill praised Castro for supposedly letting “Cubans own their own country,” even thought he country is really owned by the Communist Party of Cuba, rather than the Cuban people. Additionally Megill ignored Castro’s violent oppression of LGBT people, and the immense racism under his regime.

Megill even finished it off with a radical far-left extremist statement of “long live the revolution,” echoing the language of the Communists.

Is that someone you want making decision that impact your life?

Spencer Fernando

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