STUNNING: Jody Wilson-Raybould Was Interviewed By RCMP On Tuesday, While Trudeau Liberals Desperately Try Blocking Investigation

Another bombshell story devastates the Liberal campaign roll-out.

The Trudeau Liberal campaign is reeling, as yet another bombshell story from the Globe & Mail devastates their attempt to control the narrative as the election officially got under way.

Earlier, the Globe & Mail revealed that RCMP is being blocked by the Liberal government from accessing testimony and documents they need to investigate possible obstruction of justice.

That forced Trudeau to answer questions about the SNC-Lavalin Scandal even in his first campaign remarks, throwing him totally off-message.

But now, it’s getting even worse.

A new bombshell story by Robert Fife and Daniel Leblanc reveals that former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould was interviewed on Tuesday by the RCMP, as the authorities look into potential political interference in the SNC-Lavalin prosecution.

Wilson-Raybould also says the Liberal government should waive the cabinet confidentiality that is blocking the RCMP from fully investigating.

This is bad news for the Liberals, as they now begin the campaign under siege, and many Canadians will now seriously wonder whether crimes have been committed by the Liberal government.

You can read the Globe & Mail story here (paywalled):

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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