VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Launches Campaign

Singh says focus will be on making a difference in Canadians lives.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has launched the NDP campaign.

On Twitter, Singh said “For too long, governments in Ottawa have made life easier for the rich & harder for everybody else – and over the next 40 days we’re going to show Canadians how we’ll make a difference in their lives – because we’re #InItForYou.”

You can watch Singh’s remarks below:

Singh is facing a touch road ahead, with the NDP in dire financial straits, polling terribly, and still about 100 candidates short of a full slate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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As soon as the falsehoods begin I cannot pay attention, sure he is giving the same speech Trudeau gives and maybe wants to promise everything magical we can imagine, but unless Canada can get out of debt and really get Canadians working in good jobs, educated properly only more debt will resume we need our laws back and made better so more of these lefties cannot keep making promises they cannot keep(same as Trudeau and May) that will kill our country. PM Harper started looking into money laundering but Trudeaus lieberals killed that, beside the bobbleheads behind him just made… Read more »