VIDEO: Maxime Bernier Launches Campaign

Bernier says PPC is “the party for real change in this country.”

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier kicked off the election campaign, touting his new party as “the party for real change in this country.”

Bernier has cast the PPC as the only party offerring something ‘different,’ from the status quo.

You can watch Bernier’s remarks below:

As I noted earlier, more and more polls are showing the People’s Party level of support is larger than the margin between the Conservatives and Liberals:

“This is the latest poll showing the level of People’s Party support is larger than the gap between the Conservatives & Liberals, which could potentially tip many close races into the Liberal column.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This Laurention elite will fit right in with the LIEberals plans but I guess Canadians that believe him could vote Lieberal, If you look hard enough some of his past may still be around but most everything was removed or changed just like Trudeau’s. but I did find he is involved with Trudeau and Zoros infrastructure Bank, that could start you wondering at least. I have followed this man since Harpers time as PM and wondered why they allowed him in the Conservative Party.?
So yes he would be for change in Canada but????

Christopher Kastner

I support Bernie’s positions more than Scheer’s but it is CRITICAL to defeat Trudeau.
Best case a minority Conservative government with PPC in opposition.
That seems unlikely with vote splitting possibly getting Liberals back in power.
That would be the end of democracy in Canada. Serious dilemma.

Glen Aldridge

So with Trudeau’s Liberals defeated to Non Party Status in Ontario & Manitoba, defeated to their poorest showing in New Brunswick’s history, destroying people’s lives in Alberta & Saskatchewan after what he has done to the Oil, Gas & Pipeline industries you think voters are going to turn around & vote Liberal? What’s even more absurd is that the most hated PM Canada has ever had is running a close race with his replacement? – If you believe the Polls. Maybe instead of spreading fear to get rid of Trudeau you could Post the comparison of each Parties Platforms &… Read more »

old white guy

Why is it that the “tipping the vote in favour of the liberals” is always the reason given for not dumping the liberal lite conservatives. We have too many parties that all represent the same thing, socialism. How about we stop voting for socialism and vote for conservative freedom, that seems to be what the PPC represents. Give them a try and if they fail and are like all the rest, then dump them.