VIDEO: Trudeau Having A Good Laugh With His Totally ‘Objective’ Media Pals

Scheer answers questions constantly and gets shredded by the press, while Trudeau ignores questions and gets fawning coverage.

Sometimes, media bias can be summed up in one image.

In this case, it’s a video, showing Justin Trudeau having a good laugh with CBC reporter David Cochrane.

As Ezra Levant noted on Twitter, Cochrane has been doing a lot of damage control for Trudeau as of late:

“That smiling, laughing journalist is @CochraneCBC, who has spent two days acting as Trudeau’s lawyer, defending his decision not to take questions from the media. He’s been a good boy, and deserves a good boy treat. And look at that good boy smile!”

You can watch the video below:

As I noted earlier, while Trudeau laughs it up, Scheer’s been getting some pretty terrible media coverage, despite taking tons of questions and being extremely open to the media.

“Scheer’s been taking tons of questions and giving tons of media access. Yet, the media is still treating him far worse than they’re treating Trudeau.

So strange.

Almost as if something else is going on.

Could there be some sort of bias?”

Of course, it’s massive bias, and it’s a disgrace. The anti-Conservative media manipulation is giving Trudeau a free pass, while putting the Conservatives constantly on the defensive, and that could have a big impact on the election results.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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