WATCH: Outraged Canadians Call Trudeau A “Racist” As Motorcade Drives Off

Canadians express anger following Trudeau town hall.

As Trudeau’s Blackface Scandal continues, it’s becoming evident how many Canadians are outraged by the hypocritical PM.

Following a town hall in Saskatchewan, Trudeau’s motorcade was leaving the event. As it left, a crowd of Canadians expressed their opinions, and it’s clear that public opinion was heavily against Trudeau.

The crowed gave him the finger, and many yelled that he was a “racist.”

You can watch the video below, as shared by The Post Millennial:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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One thing I wonder about is why did the US media break this story? It was first reported by Time. Then Fox news and other American media began reporting it, followed finally by Canadian media. So did the guy who had the picture first approach Canadian news outlets and they refused to report it? Also Andrew Scheer said someone gave his party the video, and he turned it over to the media. When did that happen, and how long has the Canadian “news” organizations known about this, but hid it from the public? Another thing I wonder about is will… Read more »


I believe his lying and corruption scandals, putting us in so much debt, weakening Canada, lies, embarrassing Canada, SJW, lies, his fake carbon tax, lies, way overgrown government with bobble heads, and yet more lies and deceit, befriending and paying terrorists more than he cares about or pays our Military, what he has done against the prairie provinces and thus Canada, except Quebec of course etc. etc., and now this old racist black face, while all is being oh welled and gets the lieberals even more in the press and lied about by the lieberal tax paid propaganda media it’s… Read more »


Well that was a bit of a departure from the dreamy atmosphere inside wasn’t it!?

Don Taylor

I have said from the beginning Turdeau should never have been PM of our great country,He had never accomplished any thing in his pampered life before some how being PM


Oh , how the mighty, sanctimonious, and virtue signalling dictator has fallen! Only CBC/CTV/Global defend the nincompoop because they are bought off.


The liberal paid media will quickly stop talking about this & will not pursue him as they would if it was a conservative. Remember Duffy? Yahoo had a tab on their page just for Duffy & that was only for a cash fraud scam he pulled while not hounding a sitting PM for 3 ethics violations & now 3 blackface incidents. He attempted a very poor apology & the paid media will soon drop anything about it. After all, there is an election coming & he is a trudo so they will give him a free pass & deflect the… Read more »

Sarina Cliplef

It’s not just this! It’s about ALL of his scandals, lies, hypocrisies, violations, criminal activities, etc, ever since he came into office!


Are all those cars good for the climate, what a hypocrite.