Huffington Post Slammed For Biased Hit Piece On Andrew Scheer

Ian Brodie – who had first hand knowledge of what the Huffington Post was discussing – has debunked the piece.

The Huffington Post – the same paper that employs upcoming debate moderate Althia Raj – is being ripped following a massively biased hit piece on Andrew Scheer.

The article claims Andrew Scheer ‘agreed’ with anti-gay comments made by former MP Larry Spencer.

Yet, that has been decisively debunked by who were actually there:

“I can contradict Larry Spencer on this story that’s breaking tonight owing to first-hand experience.”

“At the time of Spencer’s comments, I was assistant chief of staff in Mr Harper’s office. After Mr Spencer was ejected from the Canadian Alliance caucus, I worked to sort out issues in Mr Spencer’s riding. This included dealing with the riding Association, Mr Spencer’s principal”

“donors and his staff. I don’t remember anyone agreeing with Mr Spencer’s comments. Andrew Scheer specifically agreed to stay behind for a short time to ensure”

“some constit files were closed out properly – passport problems, EI and so forth. Routine constituent services. He and everyone else knew these files mattered to the constituents seeking help.”

“But we all understood that Mr Scheer would remain with the party and agreed that Mr Spencer’s comments were not acceptable. He underlined that when he ran a few months later and defeated Mr Nystrom.”

“I don’t know why we are still discussing this more than fifteen years later. This entire issue was closed a very long time ago. I don’t know why Mr Spencer is saying something different now.”

“FWIW, at the time Mr Spencer felt he had a great deal of support back home, but in my calls around the riding with members, donors and staff it was clear he did not.”

“FWIW, at the time Mr Spencer felt he had a great deal of support back home, but in my calls around the riding with members, donors and staff it was clear he did not.”

“For what it’s also worth, I admired Andrew Scheer’s commitment to getting Mr Spencer’s constituents the kind of service they deserved. Even when politicians do or say terrible things, staffers who are really committed to public service focus on the needs of everyday Canadians.”

“Andrew Scheer sure did in 2003 and in my experience that’s never changed. In that sense, the Huffington Post story should be reassuring to the rest of us.”

The Conservatives also noted that they sent a response to the claims in the story, yet their response was NOT originally included in the story, a stunning omission.

“Here’s what was sent to HuffPo. Not quoted in the story.”

This is disgusting garbage reporting from the Huffington Post, showing brutal bias. It’s another reason why Huffington Post employee Althia Raj should not be a moderator in the debate.

The anti-Conservative bias is probably giving the Liberals an extra 10 points in the polls, and just imagine how biased the debate will be. Disgraceful.

Spencer Fernando

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