Another Poll Shows Conservatives Leading

Mainstreet Research survey gives Conservatives a narrow lead.

After new Ipsos, Nanos, and Angus Reid polls emerged showing the Conservatives in the lead, yet another poll has emerged confirming the trend.

According to the latest Mainstreet Research poll, the Conservatives have 36.1%, with the Liberals close behind at 33.3%. The NDP trails with 11.6%, while the Greens are nipping at their heels with 10%.

The Conservatives numbers are up from 34.1%, while the Liberals are down from 34.4%.

The Bloc is at 5.3%, while the PPC is at 2.9%.

According to iPolitics, it’s the first time the Mainstreet Research tracking polls has given any party a lead outside the margin of error since the campaign began.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Who will butts take for dinner to fix this?!


I’d be interested in knowing the regional.breakdowns. conservatives have a huge lead on the Prairies. Much depends on Ontario.
Warren Kinsella has an article out today asking how Scheer could possibly be losing to Justin. Good question to ask. I think hes just too milquetoast.


I am hoping that this also is wrong, the Conservatives will win a major majority. Canada needs them.


The debt setting socialist trudope loosing to conservative pm Scheer should be music to all law abiding citizens who helped build this country and best generation that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.Lets never forget.