POLL: Liberal Support Among Indigenous Canadians Has Collapsed, Conservatives Now Lead

It’s been cut in half since 2015.

The Conservatives now lead among Indigenous voters, a stark contrast from the 2015 campaign.

According an Environics poll, Liberal support among Indigenous Canadians has plummeted from 41% to 21%.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have 26%, the NDP have 17%, and the Greens have 16%.

Notably, the Conservatives are up from 15% support in the last election.

The poll was conducted before Trudeau’s blackface debacle, meaning the numbers for the Liberals could be even lower.

As reported by APTN, “Those surveyed placed their change of heart squarely on the shoulders of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. “Indigenous peoples are twice as likely to disapprove as approve of him. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is also unpopular.”

Trudeau’s approval is at 29% among Indigenous Canadians, while 59% disapprove.

Scheer’s approval is lower at 25%, but his disapproval is also lower at 44%, leaving him room to grow.

Jagmeet Singh has a positive approval rating, with 29% approving and 26% disapproving, while nearly half of respondents (45%) say they “don’t know enough to say” their opinion of the NDP Leader.

Elizabeth May has the best numbers among Indigenous Canadians, with 35% approving, 19% disapproving, and 46% saying they don’t know. However, that doesn’t appear to be translating to widespread support for her party.

On the question of best choice for PM, Scheer narrowly leads Trudeau, with 29% picking the Conservative Leader, 26% picking Trudeau, 24% picking Elizabeth May, and 19% picking Jagmeet Singh.

There is widespread pessimism among Indigenous Canadians according the poll, with just 30% saying now is a good time to “buy things you want and need,” while 70% say now is a “bad time” to buy.

63% agree with the statement, “my household is struggling to make ends meet.”

This collapse in support for the Liberals among Indigenous Canadians is another clear indictment of Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership. Trudeau may know all the right words to say, but his actions never match up, and more and more people are realizing it.

And even his words are now suspect, with his total contempt and arrogance towards Grassy Narrows advocates who he arrogantly dismissed by saying “Thanks for your donation” at a swanky Liberal fundraiser.

The arrogant elitist has to go.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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“Thanks for your donation” Deeply and deliberately insulting. It was NOT a mistake.


There are times like the one you are referencing, the insulting of another person by Justin. That I really question the judgment of the people voting and working for him. He has shown on going contempt for the people he claims to be helping. He is the bully he is calling everyone else out to be. The song “she ain’t pretty she just looks that way” comes to mind.


While some polls are trending in the right direction, the numbers overall for Scheer are not good, not just in this poll but others I’ve seen.

Susie Lawrence

Yet I saw good numbers for Scheers. You cannot believe any polls right now. Oct 21 will determine who will be our next prime minister.

Shawn Harris

The biggest reason for Trudeau being rejected by indigenous peoples is the fact that he has treated them with arrogant contempt and by pretending to be their friend and saviour. While doing almost nothing to help them. While Harper, was open , honest and tried to give them a better and more equal life in Canada. And Scheer is everything Trudeau is not, Scheer listens and wants to include the indigenous peoples in decisions that affect their lives, Trudeau just pretended to listen, wasting their time and waiting for them to give into what he wanted. And that is why… Read more »


The way Trudeau Mocked Aboriginals from Grassy Narrows when they attended a Liberal Fundraiser was Absolutely Despicable! Grassy Narrows have had their Water Contaminated with Mercury for Decades. Many have been Very Sick and Many have Passed Away from Drinking their Water. He laughed at these Aboriginals, who were Attending to let Trudeau and his Liberal Supporters Aware of their Situation. Trudeau along with his Liberal Supporters Laughed and Mocked the Aboriginals from Grassy Narrows and Trudeau “Thanked Them for Their “Donation”. How can Any Aboriginal Possibly Vote for this Arrogant, Disgusting Idiot who does NOT Care for Any Canadian… Read more »