Justin Trudeau – Who’s Been In Power For 4 Years – Tweets About How “Rent, Groceries, And Cell Phones, Monthly Bills Are Going Up”

Did Justin forget what he’s been up to the past four years?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been in power with a majority government for 4 years.

As a result, they are responsible for the state of things in this country, including the out-of-control rise in the cost of living.

But apparently, Justin Trudeau doesn’t realize it.

In a new Tweet, Trudeau talks about how the price of everything is going up:

“Between rent, groceries, and cell phones, monthly bills are going up. Canadian families deserve a government with a plan to do something about it. We’ll make life more affordable for you.”

Basically, Trudeau admits that under his watch everything is more expensive. Then, he claims that he’s going to “cut taxes again,” and cut cell phone bills.

Of course, if Trudeau had actually cut taxes for the middle class, life wouldn’t be more expensive.

Also, if it’s so easy to cut cell phone bills by 25%, why didn’t he get it done already?

The truth is clear:

Everybody knows that Justin Trudeau has raised taxes on the middle class, and is purposely making life more expensive. And everyone knows he has no plan and no intention of cutting cell phone bills. It’s all desperate BS from the Liberals, who are now having to act like they haven’t been in power for the last four years – which is itself an indictment of their failed record.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube