Justin Trudeau – Who’s Been In Power For 4 Years – Tweets About How “Rent, Groceries, And Cell Phones, Monthly Bills Are Going Up”

Did Justin forget what he’s been up to the past four years?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been in power with a majority government for 4 years.

As a result, they are responsible for the state of things in this country, including the out-of-control rise in the cost of living.

But apparently, Justin Trudeau doesn’t realize it.

In a new Tweet, Trudeau talks about how the price of everything is going up:

“Between rent, groceries, and cell phones, monthly bills are going up. Canadian families deserve a government with a plan to do something about it. We’ll make life more affordable for you.”

Basically, Trudeau admits that under his watch everything is more expensive. Then, he claims that he’s going to “cut taxes again,” and cut cell phone bills.

Of course, if Trudeau had actually cut taxes for the middle class, life wouldn’t be more expensive.

Also, if it’s so easy to cut cell phone bills by 25%, why didn’t he get it done already?

The truth is clear:

Everybody knows that Justin Trudeau has raised taxes on the middle class, and is purposely making life more expensive. And everyone knows he has no plan and no intention of cutting cell phone bills. It’s all desperate BS from the Liberals, who are now having to act like they haven’t been in power for the last four years – which is itself an indictment of their failed record.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

Liar, Liar…..pants on fire…….


Of all the promises Trudeau has made, he has kept only one. The legalization of cannabis and even that is losing money. If you believe anything a Liberal says, you need a brain transplant, because your’s is obviously broken and beyond repair.


The carbon tax makes many things, such as groceries, more expensive. Many people are struggling thanks to tax and spend left wing economic policies. And what authority does the federal government have over cell phone providers and what they charge customers? They are privately owned. I think they charge too much but it’s none of the government’s business what private enterprise does. Let the free market decide. The less government in our lives, the better.


It only took about an hour before my cell contract ended to find an almost equal plan that took me from $67 a month to $25. I took control of my cell costs with a simple search. My phone is 3 yrs old and will last me for a long time.


The Carbon tax will keep going up and making everything more expensive still and still does not stop the pollution, so is he cutting the carbon tax and are they exempting all cities and towns and provincial things from paying the carbon tax? then the Provinces will all have to tax heavier to cover their federal carbon tax increases and businesses will close, jobs will be lost etc. So it is stop the carbon tax, then lower taxes just like the Conservative plan. They do not realize that businesses need to have a stable government to be able to prosper… Read more »


FYI, carbon is NOT pollution no matter what the libs try to tell you. Carbon is NEEDED by plants to survive.


trudeau’s comment is like an arsonist blaming the gasoline.


Complete and utter nonsense is all that comes out of that camp. It would be hilarious if I knew no one I knew was going to vote Liberal again.


Says Justin Trudeau, who has never had to struggle to make a payment on anything, and still doesn’t.


LOL, I think he was reading a conservatives announcement before the tweet and thought it was his idea. What is wrong with this “dude”?
He has no clue about what is happening in Canada, or any other country for that matter.
I wish you were mainstream media Spencer. The public needs to see your site before voting.


Ok let us do some calculations.In 1977 I was making $6.30 an hour working for Canadian National Railroad.So I was making $12348.00 a year.Four times that wage would give me $49,392.oo.I could buy a house in East Vancouver at that time.Now I make $30.00 an hour that gives me $49.392 a year.Four times that wage would give me $235,200.00.I could not buy a house in East Vancouver with that money.The price of houses in East Vancouver are over a million and more.Now you politicians tell me if I’m better off.I don’t think so. You have demolished my buying power. My… Read more »

Margaret Smith

Bruno, I sure get what you are saying. Some of these politicians including Trudeau and Morneau have no idea what it is like to struggle for anything. I am shocked to see the Canada Poll Tracker showing the Liberals ahead in Ontario, Quebec ( maybe not so surprising ) and Atlantic Canada. I know people who have moved out of Toronto to more rural areas and they commute daily to their jobs in the city because they can not afford to live anywhere near Toronto. The struggle is real but gov’t doesn’t seem to get it. I heard on the… Read more »


“Of course, if Trudeau had actually cut taxes for the middle class, life wouldn’t be more expensive.”
How exactly would life for the middle class be less expensive if taxes had been cut? Not certain I understand your logic.

Johnny C

Who told Justin prices were going up ? Personally he would not know. Rent? Sussex Drive. Canadian taxpayer. Groceries? You can bet most just come with the free housing, ever seen a picture of him at Sobeys? Cell phones and land lines.. supplied because of security concerns and n/c. Monthly Bills ? like he pays for water and sewer, lawn service, snow blowing, painting, internet, natural gas and propane, a new BBQ… NOT ! so exactly.. what “monthly bill” is it that has him choked? Designer socks?


Moronic Tweet from a clown.

William Jones

When one has never had to consider ‘costs’ as they go through a privileged life, there is no understanding of the realities of day-to-day living costs. In Trudeau’s case, there is even less of an understanding because he is clearly unfamiliar with reality.

William Jones

WE have no need to ‘redefine what it means to be a Canadian. On the other hand, it is HE who needs to understand what it truly means to be a Canadian. Both Trudeaus grew up with the idea that Canada did not suit what they viewed as Canadian. Their extreme dislike of Canada shows every time either of them had to make any references respecting Canada. Indeed, the ‘fairyland world’ they were used to did not have any connection with the realities of Canada and how, prior to their efforts to destroy Canada, it was (is) the finest place… Read more »


You are correct. My thought is, we will not survive another 4 years of the changes the liberals have for us. Their changes only end up putting money in their pockets not ours.


you think its hard on the middle class….try living below the poverty line on disability 🙁 its damn impossible to pull off

Mary Jo Kay

Just like the Liberals promised to lower our hydro rates….all lies can’t trust anything a Liberal says

William Jones

And, considering ‘he’ is the direct cause of the initial ‘happening’ of our bills going up, he oughta know. And, if ‘he’ is re-elected, you can count on an uncomfortable spike in those same bills. Among his other identifiers of lying, hiding, manipulating, selfies and generally making a fool of himself, greed tends to stand out.