Gerald Butts Really Doesn’t Like This Newspaper Ad Saying It’s Time For A New Prime Minister

Too bad.

A political ad on the front page of the National Post is really upsetting Gerald Butts.

Here it is:

As Brad Wall said, the ad has a simple and powerful message:

“These ads in today’s national papers have a simple and strong message.”

And it seems Gerald Butts ain’t too happy about it:

“Postmedia once again sells its front page to a Conservative pressure group a couple of days before Canadians start voting.”

“Looking forward to all the Postmedia opinion pieces about how their front page is an outrage that compromises their journalistic independence.”

Too bad for Gerald, but it turns out Canadians still have a certain level of free expression, and are actually allowed to criticize the government in power.

Butts is really hoping you don’t share this post and don’t spread the ad far and wide.

Spencer Fernando

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