Gerald Butts Really Doesn’t Like This Newspaper Ad Saying It’s Time For A New Prime Minister

Too bad.

A political ad on the front page of the National Post is really upsetting Gerald Butts.

Here it is:

As Brad Wall said, the ad has a simple and powerful message:

“These ads in today’s national papers have a simple and strong message.”

And it seems Gerald Butts ain’t too happy about it:

“Postmedia once again sells its front page to a Conservative pressure group a couple of days before Canadians start voting.”

“Looking forward to all the Postmedia opinion pieces about how their front page is an outrage that compromises their journalistic independence.”

Too bad for Gerald, but it turns out Canadians still have a certain level of free expression, and are actually allowed to criticize the government in power.

Butts is really hoping you don’t share this post and don’t spread the ad far and wide.

Spencer Fernando

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As the saying goes, the truth hurts Gerald.
Cry where we can’t hear you.

alan skelhorne

that pos ruined Ontario with mcguinty n mr. wynne, and then Trudeau. wow he should be swinging


I agree. It is odd that people did not expect more of the same.
We the people of Canada are far too out of touch when it comes to what we are letting the people we pay to run this country, do to us.

John Darling

Ironic he would say anything about journalistic independence when his government is giving 600 million to select news agencies in Canada to promote their propaganda.

Elizabeth Thorne

Has the Liberals filed any court injunctions today? HOW DARE YOU GERALD BUTTS talk about journalistic independence. Damn it is hard when you cannot shut up everyone.


Gerry’s out of a job.


What a PERFECT AD.!!! BRILLIANT. It simply states the incontrovertible truth exactly as it exists. No wonder Butts is ticked off. Cowards, bullies and liars HATE THE TRUTH. It is so glaringly obvious that Butts could not criticize the “statements of fact”. But just whine and moan and make some absurd and ridiculous nonsensical wise cracks about it.


There is a sign put up by a private citizen along highway 11 past Orillia, Ontario and it reads “Trudeau to jail not for PM”.
Visited relatives today and they absolutely hated the choice for Prime Minister.

Shawn Harris

Puppet master Butts is crying over the plain and obvious fact, that his puppet is no longer wanted and must be replaced. For a certainty, Trudeau and Butts have worked hard and long to achieve such a succinct and brilliant election ad, as the one on the front page of the National Post. Trudeau has to go.


Yeah time for some truth in our media!!!!!! who ever placed this add is great!!!

Moe S.

I wish the headline had read, “it’s time for a government of decent men with integrity.”


Finally some truth! Butt out Butts.

William Jones

Sharing the ad is paramount. If Trudeau, Butts and/or the whole Liberal Party are upset, all they have to do (but would never do) is truthfully examine the past four years — by any common-sense standards. Perhaps they should have done that before appointing (anointing) his in the first place.

Patricia Nielsen

Mr Butts, I don’t like what Trudeau and you have been telling Canada either but you continue to do so, right up until the last day. And that is exactly why that front page is the truth. You, Trudeau and the Liberals have lied to Canada for four straight years. The Liberal party does not have the right to govern this country. This was a right that you abused. So glad you will be gone and soon.


What a goof. Complaining about the exact same thing he did with $600 million. Typical liebral hypocrite.


I have used the word hypocrite more in recent memory, than I have in a life time.