Following Criticism, Peter MacKay Reiterates Support For Andrew Scheer And Says He Isn’t Organizing To Run

MacKay’s remarks follow criticism of Scheer’s 2019 campaign.

Following his criticism of Andrew Scheer’s campaign – where he compared the failure to defeat Trudeau to missing an empty net on a breakaway – Peter MacKay has reiterated his support for Scheer, and says he isn’t organizing to run for the CPC leadership.

Here’s what MacKay had said previously:

“Yeah, to use a good Canadian analogy, it was like having a breakaway on an open net and missing the net,” said MacKay.

MacKay also discussed his view on the impacts of social issues (same-sex marriage and abortion) in the campaign:

“That was thrust on the agenda and [it] hung around Andrew Scheer’s neck like a stinking albatross, quite frankly. And he wasn’t able to deftly deal with those issues when the opportunities arose.”

MacKay’s comments had led to speculation that he – or his people – may be organizing behind the scenes to take over if Scheer falls.

However, MacKay pushed back on Twitter, reiterating that he supports Andrew Scheer, and that he is not organizing to run:

“I’ve repeatedly said I support @AndrewScheer + I worked v hard to help him in the campaign. Reports of me organizing r false. Recent comments r about our Party’s shortcomings & making the necessary improvements w modern policies + better coms so we can win the next election.”

MacKay’s comments may not put an end to all speculation, but it should be said that the ability to criticize a political party – even and especially the party you belong to – is an important part of learning from failure, adapting, and then winning next time. Most likely however, MacKay will be sharing that criticism in a more internal manner, rather than going so public next time.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau never answers the media’s ques so why should any cpc mp. Scheer like Stephen Harper tried their dammest best to get their message through but are always blocked daily by the media.

don morris

Because the CPC is supposed to be BETTER than Justin Trudeau and his Liberals,but Scheer sounded eerily like Trudeau in many interviews.


Peter MacKay would not be a good leader for the CPC, He obviously did not notice how the whole election and the media has been bought out and filled with smears and lies, just like they did to the best PM Canada has ever had PM Harper, and were even worse to Andrew Scheer, who behaved like a true Canadian gentleman, not a loud mouth or an actress, and had a pretty good FOR the betterment of Canada platform if you looked very hard for it as the media did not want it known, just the lies and misinformation they… Read more »

Eric Blair

What MacKay said fits in with the adage “don’t believe it until it is officially denied”. And if he were to become leader it would be another case of “the best prime minister we never had”. Any new leader of the conservatives has to be from Ontario to get more Ontario seats.


Andrew is fr ontario but moved to sask where he worked and married his wife. Therefore he represents Sask.
Trudeau was born in Ottawa and moved to Quebec where he is lib mp for Papineau


Justin trudeau won the elect but lost the pop vote and lost seats from 186 down to 157 seats with all the r’ptrs at his beck and call. Andrew Scheer lost the elec, but won the most pop votes and gain seats from 99 up to 156 seats., with egery r’ptrs attacking him calling him names. This is exactly what Peter should have told the media instead of giving them something to talk about since there is nothing of trudeau to brag about . How can these stupid r’ptrs brag about trudeau’s corruption destruction of jobs and attacking premieres. For… Read more »

don morris

Where did you get your figures? The CPC gained from 95 seats to 121 for a total of a 26 seat gain. His much ballyhooed “popular victory” was because in the Prairies they overwhelmingly voted CPC with some ridings way over 50% CPC, but LOST the popular vote in the East,where it counts. The LPC won this election,the CPC lost this election,no matter how you twist it,the LPC is forming the next government,NOT the inept bunch in the CPC.

shawn harris

All this talk about the failures and shortcomings of Andrew Scheer is just what Trudeau ordered. Because it will focus attention away from his four years of failure and only help make Trudeau look like he is genius. Whether or not Scheer holds onto the job of leader doesn’t really matter, what does matter is whoever is the leader of the Conservatives come the next election he has to be very perceptive and persuasive, when explaining a position or policy and must absolutely be able to make that connection with the voters that will cause them to abandon Trudeau like… Read more »


It is too late, Peter may as well have said Justin is my hero. Has he been reading the media or live in this country?

Beverley Campbell

Never say never Peter, it is too hard to back away from.

old white guy

Waffling is always a sign of strong leadership.

Lance Boyle

Ask David Orchard how good MacKay’s promises and assurances are.

MacKay, you were in government and had a chance to be a Conservative. You conserved nothing.

William Jones

Well, like him or not, Peter has the battle scars and was successful in being reelected over his career. We need someone with the smarts and integrity and the capability to lead the CPC == and soon.

don morris

McKay sounds like Brian Mulroney in the Joe Clark days, saying nice things while he sharpens the knife. McKay isn’t the answer the CPC needs,even though Scheer has proven his inability to win. When Trudeau won the LPC leadership,many of us conservatives figured it would be the start of a long time in Office for him. Given the weak opposition,it looks like we were right. The CPC had better start looking hard for a candidate who can defeat the Trudeau and Butts machine,as retreads like McKay or Ambrose aren’t the answer. With 121 MP’s surely they can find someone who… Read more »