#EpsteinCoverup Is Trending In Canada Following Stunning Project Veritas Report

Outrage spreading after Project Veritas reveals that ABC covered up a story on Epstein, as disturbing details continue to emerge.

#EpsteinCoverup is trending in Canada, with over 456K Tweets and counting.

The hashtag’s spread comes after a Project Veritas – led by incredible investigative reporter James O’Keefe – released a video showing ABC News anchor Amy Robach revealing that ABC spiked a huge story on Jeffrey Epstein over three years ago:

BREAKING: @abcnew sanchor @arobach caught on ‘hot mic’ in August disgustedly exposing networks decision to strategically spike bombshell investigation into Jefferey Esptein over THREE YEARS AGO. Says what she had was “unbelievable”

You can watch the full Project Veritas report below:

The fact that #EpsteinCoverup is trending so massively, despite the obvious attempt by the corrupt establishment media to hide it, shows how much the real Canadian People, and people around the world, hunger for the truth.

And there’s a Canadian aspect to this story, with Prince Andrew holding a rank in the Canadian Armed Forces:

“Prince Andrew holds a rank in the Canadian Armed Forces. He’s the colonel-in-chief of the Princess Louise Fusiliers, based in Halifax. Should he be stripped of this rank and removed from association with the Canadian Armed Forces?”


All of this is totally sickening, and clearly people are outraged and fed up with the establishment trying to hide everything.

Credit for bringing this to light should go James O’Keefe, and also to Mike Cernovich, who has been talking about Epstein for years and fighting to get the documents that finally forced more coverage.

I encourage you to follow both O’Keefe and Cernovich on Twitter at the links below:

James O’Keefe

Mike Cernovich

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So we did nothing…reporters?
And they wonder why people have little to no trust for reporters now.

William Jones

“The Establishment” is controlling everything we hear or see with respect to mainstream media. Why attempt to hide that reality any longer? “They” control, or attempt to control anything and everything we do, see, hear or read in order to continue their ways at the expense of individual lives, as well as countries. Finally, after so many years, the public is being given the opportunity to ‘see them as they are, and hopefully will have all involved charged, and jailed for many years. Do I sense there is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ after all?

David Henley

When will these people who are with hold the truth and allow these people to continue wrong doing. Where are the laws for aiding and abiding crimes against society. Laws being corrupted by the elites. Just wait for the world government to take control. The elites (GLOBALISTS) will never face charges. Society is going to suffer and the common person will never see justice.

Randy King

We want the names of every person who used his services and abused these girls, as well as the names of every person who played a part in covering this up. Justice for these young girls /women should be paramount.

William Jones

There have been so many cover-ups over the past 20 years or more, that they actually seem to be a ‘normal’l political/media standard — and they are exactly that.