Blacklock’s: Privy Council Office Worried ‘United We Roll’ Wanted To Overthrow Trudeau

Looks like the government is gripped by unhinged conspiracy theories.

It seems that the Trudeau government is the purveyor of unhinged conspiracy theories internally at the highest level.

According to a new report by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Privy Council Office was apparently worried that the United We Roll protest would try to ‘overthrow’ or ‘arrest’ Trudeau by storming his office.

Of course, nothing even close to that happened.

And it’s not as if people tried to storm his office and were stopped, there was zero attempt at anything even close to that happening.

“Emails #cdnfoi disclose feds feared #UnitedWeRoll plot to storm PM’s office, invoked berserk security measures. #cdnpoli @PrivyCouncilCA @SenateCA”

As Blacklock’s notes, “The Privy Council Office feared United We Roll protesters contemplated storming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office, according to internal emails. Access To Information records detail extraordinary security measures taken under the Emergency Management Act regarding the February 19 protest: “All rooftops, scaffolding, crane and above-ground access is NOT permitted.”’

This kind of unhinged conspiracy theory response shows how much the elites fear the voices of the Canadian People. And while the government goes around telling us what is and what isn’t supposedly ‘fake’ or ‘misinformation,’ it turns out they are the ones pushing craziness behind the scenes.

You can read the full Blacklock’s Reporter article here. (note, it is behind a paywall)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube