Conservative Voters Split On Scheer’s Fate

Other party leaders command stronger support from their partisan bases.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is facing a divided Conservative voting population, as he seeks to hold onto his job following his loss in the 2019 election.

According to an Angus Reid poll (which was relatively accurate during the federal campaign), 41% of people who voted Conservative said they want Scheer to stay. 42% said he should go.

Another 17% were unsure or had no opinion.

These are tough numbers for Scheer, especially when contrasted with what Liberal & NDP voters say about their respective party leaders.

85% of Liberal voters want Trudeau to stay, while 87% of NDP voters want Singh to stay.

It should be pointed out that Trudeau’s strong support among those who voted Liberal is in large part because so many people abandoned the Liberals in the 2019 election, so he’s left with the more hardcore loyalists.

Still, both Trudeau & Singh appear pretty safe in their leadership roles, while Scheer faces a divided party base, a challenge he will have to surmount quickly, otherwise potential challengers will smell blood in the water and jump in to finish him off.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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old white guy

Conservative voters? And who might they be? Apparently not enough to win an election in Canada.

shawn harris

The Conservatives have to decide and quickly whether or not they want to defeat Trudeau or dump Scheer. If it is to defeat trudeau and the Liberals, then changes have to be made to undermine Liberal support and to grow Conservative support. Dumping Scheer can be done very easily, but then that just plays into Trudeau’s hand and gives him unrestrained power , while he watches the Conservatives, once again tear themselves apart, just like they did from 1993- 2003. Canada can’t afford another lost decade to the Liberals like we did under Jean Chretien.