Oh Great, Now The Elites Are Talking About Population Control

It was inevitable.

One of the things I think we’ve all noticed is that the elites keep moving the goalposts on what’s ‘necessary to fight climate change.’

First, it was that we needed to recycle some more and stop littering.

Then it was that we needed a carbon tax.

Then, the carbon tax needed to up endlessly.

And now, it’s population control.

At every step, the elites told us ‘this is the last thing we need to do,’ but of course it never is.

There’s always something more, another tax, another restriction, another infringement on our freedom.

The elites want population control

This isn’t some conspiracy theory, the elites are now openly calling for global population control.

As reported by Bloomberg, “More than 11,000 experts from around the world are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy: there needs to be far fewer humans on the planet.”

Of course, this was inevitable.

The elites laughed at us when we talked about how governments around the world were trying to take away our freedom, centralize power, and control our lives.

They laughed at us when we said the carbon tax was just the beginning of an effort to take more and more money out of our pockets and restrict our choices.

And they laughed at us when we said it was only going to get worse.

But now, lo and behold, the elites are openly calling for global population control.

It was always about controlling us.

It was always about taking away freedom.

It’s incredibly disturbing, and we must speak out against it.

We are supposed to be free and independent Citizens, not tools of a corrupt global elite that seeks to dominate and control us.

Canada needs to push back against this insanity, stand up for our national interests, and protect the freedoms of our People, before the elites take it all away.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Bang on as alway Spencer!
We are no longer living the dream, the boogie man is out of the closet and deep in our pockets book. This is what Ontario and Quebec voted for.

Robert Abbott

Well not surprising. People of the world we must stop these elites by any means necessary to protect our ways of life whatever that may be. Together as one common goal there are many more real people from every back ground. We must all come together as one unit and see each other as humans not separated by our differences and respect one another. Say I


Canada has too much population then, we were ok without all these expensive forced migration the UN is forcing on countries. It has been proven that well educated women have way fewer children, eg. look at Japan, they stabilized their own population in fact it was dropping. But this is not new, when I was younger they were screaming about not being able to feed the world, and the UN’s plan – read their site, wants only 5 hundred million people left on earth they feel that is the right number the earth can support. So Stalin and Mao starved… Read more »


more bullying

Gordon Stevenson

Jun 4, 2019 – The Liberal government says it will increase Canadian funding for women’s … increase international aid for women’s health to $1.4 billion annually. CBC

Seems Canada is already behind population control.

Lance Boyle

Actually, Spencer, I disagree. We used to have population control and Japan has it right now. It’s called NO IMMIGRATION. Japan has, in fact, a declining population along with a steady GDP. That means that each Japanaese citizen enjoys an increasing economic output. I want some of that. Here in Canada, our GDP increase was less than our population increase, ergo, we are poorer per person. The fact of the matter is that fully developed and civilized countries reach a particular size and their population automatically finds itself in a population balance of sorts. All with free will. Insofar as… Read more »

Ron Werner

Like Trudeau has the gumption to push back! Hec, his handlers are probably these very elite.

Kim Domingue

The elites are going to start advocating for Soylent Green.

Gerri Page

First start off with the elites. It is the workers that built our country and not the illegal immigrants that are flooding our country with no money (some do) no English, tons of children and living the rich life with all the benefits. The Liberals under JT want a socialist, totalitarian country and we are the peasants and that must not happen. Fools voted for JT’s lies and they are responsible for what is happening under JT to Canada.

Gerri Page

Reduce taxes, no carbon tax and no more money to other countries because we are broke and have to borrow.

old white guy

There are no 11 thousand experts. Those who advocate population control will be at the head of the line if they try something foolish.

William Jones

The keyword in your comments, Spencer is ‘supposed’ and since I first noticed this trend in 1969 and attempted to get others to see it, I was virtually vilified by many and simply ignored as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ H’mmm, it would appear that my comments then have finally been noticed — not only I but thousands of other ‘conspiracy theorists.’


That so called experts report created by a blogger in Washington state and signed by 11,000 people has been debunked. Some of the experts include Mickey Mouse, BS Detection Services and thousands of folks who are NOT climate or environmental scientists. That is the real story Spencer.

Trevor Marr

Donald Trump gets it. Trudeau? He is a Chump, Canada needs a Trump!

Trevor Marr

Success goes to World Leaders like #DonaldTrump that call the Paris Accord out for what it is! Self Regulation, to an achievable World Standard is the answer. Not a Hypocritical, anti-human, population controlling, Globalist Carbon Credit Ponzi scheme.


Apparently the 11000 scientists were people who “liked” a post on a blog….it seems as if none of the ones from Canada were scientists. CBC is behind this whole LIE.
Checkout Ezra !!!

Norbert Kausen

So the elite want population control, do they?! Well, there are more of us than there are of them, so they can go first! We can help them along there… remember the French Revolution!

Gloria Askew

Disgusting… and the Liberals want Quebec to have everything


EXACTLY!!! ***Bare with me as this is a long comment*** Thank you in advance to ANYONE who takes the time to read it as it means more to me than you will ever know…..even if you do not agree with or believe as I do Everyone who called us “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists” are not calling us that now are they!!??!! Did I or ANY OF US want to be correct? ……not NO, BUT HECK NO!! I know I certainly didn’t want to be right & I’m willing to wager none of the rest of you did either! I’m 51… Read more »