#FireJessAllen Is Trending In Canada As Outrage Against Her Bigoted Comments Grows

Allen made bigoted and racist comments on ‘The Social.’

CTV is facing pressure to fire Jess Allen, a host of the show ‘The Social.’

Allen made bigoted and racist remarks, explicitly referring to the race and gender of hockey fans she apparently disliked.

You can watch what Allen said below:

As I said earlier, Allen must be fired:

“As you can see, that is explicitly race-focused, and is insulting towards an entire group of people based on race and gender.

It would be wrong to attack ‘brown women,’ so it must also be wrong to attack ‘white boys.’ If racism against one group is wrong, then it must be wrong against all groups.

Clearly, Allen must be fired. If those are the new rules, then the rules must be applied to Allen.

What Allen did is far worse than what Cherry did. Allen explicitly referred to race, singled people out by race and gender, and then disparaged them.”

Clearly, the Canadian People agree, as #FireJessAllen is trending.


Jess Allen needs to go.

Common-sense Patriotic Canadians need to start forcing the left to play by their own rules. No-double standards, no more ‘honourable loser’ BS of being nice to the left while the left plays for keeps.

“Some conservatives are saying they don’t want Jess Allen fired because they ‘don’t want to play the cancel culture game.’

But the game is already being played. Being nice only amounts to unilateral disarmament. Fight fire with fire. Play the game and Win.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook


The Establishment Media is more biased than ever before, and is getting bailed out by the Trudeau government with $600 MILLION Taxpayer Dollars. That’s why Canada needs Independent Voices like Spencer Fernando. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Fire jess, hire Don as her replacement.

R Welgush

Jess Allen should be fired.


very much so the dweeb she is

R Welgush

Jess Allen should be fired

R Welgush

I am deeply offended by jess Allen’s bigoted comments. She should be let go immediately

Edward Davidson

… and she can take her cluster of mindless applauding lemmings along with her.


This kind of division and hate show with “applause” can also be reported in writing to the CRTC but your name is released to who you complained about, so. Calling CTV, and Bell Media gets you hung up on? So How did all these people complain regarding Sportsnet? Jess also made the comment about where she grew up, was this not in Canada? This is beyond reason. complaining about parents spending money for hockey training, Canada’s national sport, but should take their kids traveling instead to see the world and learn something, why because that is what she likes? how… Read more »


What should be pointed out to her, is that we have women playing hockey in Canada and yes they win at the Olympics. Big surprise she doesn’t believe in sports look at her.


Yes. Thank you. It is bashing based on ignorance unfortunately.


I am a white male military veteran who served in many tours overseas. I also grew up playing hockey, and supported my kids to play hockey, yes she has the right to express her thoughts however to insult veterans who fought for white females to have that right and the CRTC to allow her to spew her hate in not acceptable to the veterans of Canada.

Jodi-Lynn Thompson

Looking at The CBSC website it says they have received “a large number of very similar complaints concerning comments made about hockey” no mention about her racist comments against whites hmm interesting and very concerning don’t you think


Free SPEECH free OPINION FREE EXPRESSION of thought doesn’t this sound familiar, it is the Canadian charter of rights act!! Nobody said you have to agree or have the same opinion FREEDOM CANADA


Actually we do not have a complete freedom of speech as are American friends do


I don’t agree with her, but I will defend her right to speak whatever she feels. She can be as wrong as she likes, I defend Don’s right to say what he did too, however fumbling it was. I don’t think it was racist at all. This crazy leftist MOB is real hungry for outrage, but the demand isn’t met by supply, so they invent it or just plain make mountains out of molehills. What a waste of time, he has said FAR more controversial things in the past, who cares? I don’t particularly like him, but he didn’t say… Read more »


Therefore Cherry should not have been fired. You can’t have it both ways, which seems to be the way the Left work.

Elaine Finn

Somebody better remind Jess Allen that there is a white Canadian WOMEN’S TEAM, that has won several Gold & Silver Olympic Medals in Hockey. So it’s not just white MEN that watch hockey. Guess the parents who paid thousands of dollars to train up their girls wasted their time & money too, eh Jess?? She talks through her toque… Fire Jess Allen!


#Fire #Jess #Allen. VERY, VERY HYPOCRITICAL! ! Shame on her!! Get rid of the Social all together!!

George Myatte

Fire her right away! You are bang on again Spencer!

Anna P

Jess Allen should be fired!!!! Seriously?? How is this right? I am Offended and disgusted in her choice of words. No one wants to see this on TV and to have a show that applaudes this… Shameful. I wonder how the families of the Humboldt players feel about her comments? I will NEVER watch this show !!! SHAME on the whole show… you guys SUCK!!! #FireJessAllen

Josie Prosdocimo

I don’t usually post about these things but this completely hit a nerve. Hate is hate! Judgement is judgement! Stereotypes are stereotypes! Jess Allen’s statements on The Social are not only ridiculous but completely ignorant, judgemental and hateful of an entire community of people! She hasn’t got a clue! And yes I did say community … hockey is a diverse community of people that enjoy the sport, we are generally good people committed to our kids and community, and yes, we dedicate a lot of time to the sport. But this is not what Jess Allen describes. She admittedly doesn’t… Read more »


I totally agree, our son absolutely loved hockey, started playing when he was five in organized hockey and at 31 still playing in a men’s league. He was an honor roll student as were a lot of his teammates, and he made great friendships, and never got into trouble. A lot of our friends today are wonderful people we met at the rink, we had so much fun at weekend tournaments, bus trips with our boys,and just visiting with other families during practice. If you have never done it, you probably don’t get it, but I have to say most… Read more »


My son is only 9 years old and loves the sport. I hope he is still playing at 31, because I just love watching him and his friends. Some of the best kids and families we’ve ever met. Love your family story and so happy ours seems to have started on the same path!


What apparently is good for one person is definitely good for another person, hit the bricks Jess. If you’re going to warn people on what they say, really?????


Fire her !!!! If don cherry gets fired for saying u people why should she get away with putting white people down or don cherry who is she really. I watch hockey it’s a Canadian sport but I don’t watch this show it means nothing to me

Ivan Hawkes

I also hold feelings about sports fans, but not the same as she has. my feeling is disappointment and dismay. Almost all of the “sports” fans I’ve come to know and talk with are basically the same. They know hockey or football players and the statistics of teams to no end. They could recall a ton of information about that topic, but when I ask them about other topics they say “Huh???” I ask if they’ve ever heard of their “straw man”, or of the Bilderburg Group, or the Trilateral Commission, or the Council on Foreign relations, or Agenda 21… Read more »

Jason Doucet

I also heard the same story, in reverse, coming for the sports fans talking about Conspiracy Theorist’s!!! Why should you judge?? I happen to like both, so why do you have to take sides???

Andre Porter

Does she think Wayne Gretsky, Gordie How, Frank and Pete Mohovalich, or Bobbie Orr are all privileged mysoginistic whites? She has to be fired immediately!!!!

Adam C Mease

It is not possible to be racist or sexist against whites or males. These are concepts based on power structures where one person has power over another. White people and men control the access to power systems and economic structures which is used to oppress others. While you may not agree with her views on hockey culture she did not say any racist or sexist remarks. Don on the other hand, explicitly degraded immigrants and has a repeated history of misogyny, racism and xenophobia. Comparing these two cases is apples and oranges.


hmmm , is racism not by definition singling out a group of people by their race. yet you do not believe it is possible to be called a racist if it is a group of white people being singled out . its a good thing we have you to point out just how any words definition can be changed to fall in line with a narrative , so in this case , the only people on earth that can possibly be racist are white men very well done even if it is factually wrong


Maybe it takes a tough bully-boy sort to play hockey, and maybe she can’t play hockey very well. But if there’s a war or other major calamity ( invasion and demographic takeover), it certainly will be the tough and crude guys on the front lines (not behind a desk, not pushing a pencil) helping her and others save Canada, you can be sure of it. Maybe some of em are bad, but on the whole they mean to win, that’s their way of doing things.

Kathy Johnson

I’m very upset about Jess Allen’s rant about hockey players being “bullies”, and I think she should be disciplined.
How “kind” were her words? I retired in 2015 & I enjoy watching “The Social”. My 33 year old son played hockey, and it was very structured. Sure it cost money, but it kept him very busy. He is still friends with many of the team members today. None of them were “bullies”.

Vito D'Alessandro

Fire the hypocrite.

Vito D'Alessandro

Fire the racist hypocrite. No more free grace to leftist hypocrites.

Rick Davies

The stereotyping of fans and blatant labelling of Don Cherry as a bigoted misogynist is FAR more closed minded and bigoted, divisive and damaging than the comments made by Don Cherry. He is a true Canadian, YOU should have your bigoted misinformed ignorant ass fired. By ‘white” did you mean “you people”?


I found I had to take the 24 hour rule before I responded to the comments made on your program by Jess Allen… I have 2 boys in hockey they are 14 years old, this for us is not just a sport, it is a way of life, our boys all learn to respect in sport, they all raise funds for our local food banks and visit nursing homes… How dare she stereotype hockey players as “white men that are bullies”! We work very hard as “Hockey Moms” to raise responsible young men and women, you have no idea what… Read more »

Lisa Kemp

Jess Allen isn’t very smart if she describes Minor Hockey kids as having parents who can afford to spend $5,000 on it, & she feels it could be better spent elsewhere. I myself didn’t write a $5,000 cheque, & few did on the teams I was involved with. I volunteered as Manager, organised tournaments, fundraisers etc. Hockey is expensive, but having fundraisers, scheduling tournaments in surrounding small towns, make the costs go down significantly. Hockey mean’t alot to these kids, it taught them teamwork, they made friends, & for my son his confidence in himself increased, he found he was… Read more »

Karen Goldthorpe

Fire her

Joyce Hutchison

I’m not a hockey fan either but I wouldn’t lump them into a group like she did. There are all kinds of people associated with hockey. I also am not a fan of this program – whenever these ladies start talking, I can’t believe what comes out of their mouths. Their air of superiority and never ending nonsense just grates!! It comes on after the news and that day I started to listen and couldn’t believe how they twisted the whole incident into a racial rant. They take politically correct to a dangerous level. I didn’t finish watching even this… Read more »


WHATEVER! She has an opinion, and as she said baised on her experience thats what hockey players are like. It is non of of her business what others spend their money on, but she gave her OPINION that the parents are responsible for helping create grown up spoiled brats. What has Canada really become when anyone who has an opinion especially if it differs from our must immediately be crushed?


So let me get this straight….it’s only racist if the comments are against any other ethnicity, and if it’s about white people that’s ok? Isn’t this how dividing a country starts! When the black lives matter movement was started the woman who started made some very ignorant comments about white people yet that was ok?

Al S

Jess Allen should be fired for her remarks as hers are more racist and offensive than Cherry’s.

cheri fletcher

Is this bigoted and racist? What I saw and heard was a women talking about her personal experiences. I think that we are getting carried away. What was the point of fighting for freedom of speech?


Double standards CTV

her commentary pitted against “white” people far more racist than Don Cherry’s comment
“You people”

I’d she said this about another race with Color they’d have fired her immediately…

She’s needs to go … no apology is acceptable

they say they set an example with don cherry then set an example with her get rid of her.


Wow… Is it just me, or are the right just bigger snowflakes than people on the left? These comments aren’t even close to bigoted or racist. The audience and participants of hockey are generally affluent white boys? That’s not only objectively not racist, it also happens to be a broadly true statement.


No, it’s just you.

Sandra MacCaull

Not offended. She’s just uneducated. She admittedly knows nothing about the game or the fans. I don’t worship at the altar of hockey either, but I’ve never met a hockey player who was a bully. Never. And I am surrounded by hockey in my community. Team sports breed team players, and they are ladies and gentlemen. They respect authority and help others in their communities. She is more to be pitied for her ignorance. Let’s stop the shaming and hating. I wonder of SHE wore a poppy.

scott duffy

Jess Allen’s comments were totally wrong and offensive. To use the term “white boys” if any other color was used she would have been pulled off the air right away. She should be fired.

Joseph Le Lievre

Fire the birch, she insulted all white people in this country. She should get her fact straight before she bashes Don Cherry. A man that care about our Veterans. In my opinion the Veterans should have top priority in this country, and we as Canadians should respect these brave military people for their service.


Please join me in asking the Social sponsors to reconsider their sponsorship of this show Homesense Winners Marshall’s Gillette Tim Hortons Leon’s Air Transat Toyota Ford McDonalds Presidents Choice My letter to them: As a concerned Canadian that values ALL humans and believes that no one should have to suffer from public hatred, racism and discrimination, I strongly ask you to reconsider your sponsorship of the CTV show The Social due to the disgusting comments made on November 12th by Jess Allen. CTV has issued an “ apology” but has said that she stated an “opinion” on an opinion based… Read more »


CTV should follow suit and fire Jess Allen for doing the very same thing that Don Cherry was fired for. The entire panel of The Social are left-wing feminists that don’t hide their dislike of all things Conservative. They are hypocritical on this and other matters. If the Left truly believe their own rhetoric (as if) then Allen should also be sacked as was Cherry.


I watched that show and was disgusted in her comments. So much so I commented on the social Facebook site. She disgusts me and she should be fired so she knows how it feels. I will never again watch that show as long as there is a breath in my body


She is a disgrace to the show. I watched it and was disgusted with her comments. I hope they fire her so she knows how it feels. I will never watch that show again


I am a white male military veteran who served in many tours overseas. I also grew up playing hockey, and supported my kids to play hockey, yes she has the right to express her thoughts however to insult veterans who fought for white females to have that right and the CRTC to allow her to spew her hate in not acceptable to the veterans of Canada.


Fire her. This remark is far greater than what Don Cherry said using the term THOSE PEOPLE, Its racist and hishoginis to coin a word ( SHR HATES MEN). CTV has become like the CBC. full of leftist anti Canadian socialist ideas. like this. FIRE HER NOW > We have far too much political correctness being spouted by these odd ball so called personalities who have an outlet to spew her/their hateful remarks

Nancy Holland

I am a female and grew up playing pond hockey and street hockey. I love the game and am insulted by this Socialist Elitist.
She should be fired.
Hypocricy from CTV for not standing up for the Canadian way


Ask the player and familys of Humboldt how they feel about this statement.. fire her

Carl Woll

fire her …no double standard

todd h hinks

Come on “You People” why is ok for her to speak like that on T.V.? Mr. Cherry has been saying you people for years, he has been nothing but respectful to Canada and Veterans. Fire her? I don’t think she should be able to be on social media ever again!!!


When Jessie Allen was supposedly travelling the world, did it make her irrational to see cultural sports being played by the people of various countries? Did the tan soccer players of Spain, or the brown cricket fanatics of India or the all white hurling team in Ireland make her crazy? If anyone is living in a bubble, it’s this poor addled girl.


she needs to be fired

Mike Young

White is a colour. In fact, it is ALL the colours of the spectrum.


Funny how ” being offended ” only works for liberal white privelege aholes .


Every race on the planet has had slaves in their past . Muslim countries even today for example . But only Whites are bad due to their democrat’s history of slave ownership .


I think it speaks volumes about the CTV network, it can’t be against racism & still employ someone like Allen. What she said shows her true colours, look up the word & it’s pretty much exactly what she said.