DISGRACE: Trudeau Government Votes For Anti-Israel UN Resolution Sponsored By North Korea & Zimbabwe

Trudeau throws Canada’s values and principles into the trash.

In a disgraceful and disgusting move, the Trudeau Government has sided with North Korea and Zimbabwe in supporting an anti-Israel UN resolution.

On Twitter, Hillel Neuer exposed the horrible vote:

“SHAME: 🇨🇦 Canada joins the jackals, votes for anti-Israel resolution co-sponsored by North Korea, Zimbabwe & the PLO. Resolution condemns Israel for “occupying” Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem & holiest sites of Judaism. Ignores hundreds of Palestinian rockets just fired at Israelis.”


“The vote change is dramatic. If it wanted to shift, Trudeau’s government could have moved from a No, as it voted last year with U.S., to an Abstain, as Australia voted today. Instead, they jumped all the way to a Yes—for the first time in years and breaking bi-partisan tradition.”

“Trudeau is trading Canada’s bedrock principles of fairness & equality for a UN Security Council seat. By voting for a resolution co-sponsored by North Korea & Zimbabwe, he has entered a Faustian bargain with dictatorships that does not bode well for a free & democratic society.”

Justin Trudeau is throwing Canada’s values and principles into the trash for a worthless UN seat.

This also goes along with Trudeau’s weakness towards China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ that he admires so much.

Under Trudeau, Canada stands for nothing except doing the bidding of foreign dictatorships and Communist regimes, while our own nation interests are undermined and our democratic allies are betrayed.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

I will never vote for the anti Canadian TURDeau

Lance Boyle

I am a Canadian. I defend my own interests. Other countries can defend their own, that’s what their people are for.


The communist run ONE world UN needs to be avoided at all costs, especially with this separatist doom and gloom NOT for Canada or Canadians government we have.

Patrick Mothersill

What does the NDP think about this. Are they agreeing that Trudeau made the right decision by voting in favour of the anti-Israel resolution? It would be interesting to know if they think the same way.

Major Tom

Justin the marionette…….as his strings are pulled…..his mind wanders….and he just tags along……


“DISGRACE: Trudeau Government Votes For Anti-Israel UN Resolution Sponsored By North Korea & Zimbabwe”
What the hell do you expect from such a pro Islam booster and a man that pays off ISIS members with OUR tax dollars to the tune of $10+ MILLION dollars EACH ?!!
Trudeau disgraces Canada yet AGAIN !!!!!


Disgrace is giving this communist numb skull 4 more years.


What has happened to our Prime Minister.Siding with North Korea is just crazy.


Bruno, this Just hasn’t happened to our Prime Minister. Firstly, he should NEVER be called a Prime Minister. He is a Total Joke of a PM and has ALWAYS been an Idiot. He was born Stupid and Stupid is something that can never be Fixed! He has been a Disaster on ALL Issues. pertaining to our Once Great Canada! Canadians who voted for this Idiot should be Utterly Ashamed of Themselves for once again Voting for this Disgraceful Fool!


What do you mean what happened his true colors possibly he wants to be a dictator and I will bet he would actually prefer western separation then he would take his throne and tax his people to death




I am ashamed to be a Canadian, dumbfounded by the arrogance & stupidity of this government. Disgusting, disgraceful, shameful beyond measure, this Trudeau dynasty will be the end of everything we have built our lives on & ever valued since Confederation. God help us!!!

J Watson

As it say in the Book of Genesis I will Bless those who Bless Israel and I will curse those who Curse Israel. Look out Prime Minister


Does anybody remember what happened to Joe Clark in the late 1970s? He had vowed to move Canadian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but reneged and within a very short time was out of office. JT had said during his first term that the Canadian embassy would be moved to Jerusalem. Guess that’s it happening now. Wonder how long he will be around?


The Book of Genesis tells NO Lies. I am Hoping and Praying that the Book of Genesis does what it claims it will do!

Clive Edwards

Finally Turdo does something I approve of. I don’t care what funny hat you wear when you pray, or even if you pray; that religion is used for economic, political or strategic advantage is disgusting. And Canadian values? We fought against the Nazis because we were informed that they were murdering people and using eugenics to certify citizenship. Well if the Zionists aren’t doing the same thing in Israel and the lands subject to their colonial lust, I’ll eat one of their funny little hats. When the government, any government, makes your religion or family tree a qualifier for citizenship… Read more »


Jewish people from around the world are being executed, persecuted and murdered every day by Muslims. In order to save their lives, many are escaping Islamic terror by moving to Israel. Like happens in every family, even yours, the house is full and has to expand. Your parents likely moved from an apartment to eventually live in a 3 bedroom home or at least something larger. Same with Israel. Due to Islamic aggression and persecution, they need more room. If Muslims stop persecuting the Jews, they wouldn’t be forced to flee for their lives. If Israel laid down it’s weapons,… Read more »

David Henley

Trudeau is going to destroy Canada and the values we have. Since he was elected that has been his main objective. People don’t understand what he represents and the outcome of his motivations. He is second to none to be the most dangerous man in Canada

Ruth Bard

We need to just get used to the fact that there is no depth to which this moron and his gang of enablers will not sink. Ppl who voted Liberal should be wearing bags over their heads.