Hong Kong Election: Pro-Democracy Camp Wins Massive Landslide, Pro-Beijing Candidates Crushed

A resounding expression of popular support for the pro-democracy protesters facing off against China’s Communist regime.

Pro-Democracy forces have won a massive landslide in the local elections, flipping a huge amount of seats and crushing pro-Beijing candidates.

In total, pro-Democracy candidates won 388 seats, up from 262 in the 2015 election.

Meanwhile, the pro-Beijing camp went from 236 seats to just 62.

Pro-Democracy candidates gained 17.14% in the popular vote, finishing with a clear majority of 57.34%.

Pro-Beijing candidates won just 41.82%, a huge drop of 12.79%.

Additionally, there was a massive swing in the District Councils. Before the election, Beijing-aligned forces held 17 of 18 district councils. In the election, all but one of those councils flipped, with pro-Democracy forces winning 17 of 18.

Vote turnout also reached a record, with over 70% of eligible voters turning out.

Before the election, pro-Beijing forces – including Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam– had argued that they had the support of a majority of voters. Now, that argument has been demolished.

Unsurprisingly, Communist China is refusing to show any respect for the results, re-iterating their plan to exert control over the city:

“No matter how the situation in Hong Kong changes, it is very clear that Hong Kong is a part of Chinese territory,” said China’s foreign minister Wang Yi. “Any attempts to disrupt Hong Kong or undermine its stability and prosperity will not succeed.”

The ‘undermining’ of Hong Kong is being done by China’s Communist party, which refuses to accept the will of the people, and fears the rise of democracy in Hong Kong and China itself.

Clearly, the people of Hong Kong have rejected Communist-aligned candidates, and have expressed their desire to be free. The free world, including nations like Canada, must stand with the people of Hong Kong and stand against the ruthless Chinese Communist state.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ruth Bard

CHINA. LIES. The CCP is not to be trusted. They blow off contracts, agreements, and international treaties. Where they can’t intimidate, they infiltrate. Their only goal is ever-increasing power and hegemony. And they treat their own citizens like garbage, so how do you think they’ll treat the rest of us if, God forbid, they ever gain control?

Clive Edwards

Sounds like you are describing any Imperial power. What you say may be true tomorrow, but today you are describing the Americans, and the past practices of the British Empire..

Norbert Kausen

Unfortunately, it does not mean a thing! Hong Kong now belong to the commie B*ST*RDS and these “elections” do not mean a thing to them! They WILL deploy their military and they will suppress and eliminate any attempts to implement any sort of democratic process, by whatever means necessary, to them. Hong Kong will experience a massive military incursion, followed by immense brutality perpetrated against the unarmed citizens! there will be a MASSIVE Tiananmen Square like butchery, but the west will not react. They will allow the PRC to kill its citizens by the tens of thousands! It is a… Read more »

old white guy

Does anyone actually believe that Beijing gives a rat’s petute about any vote held anywhere in China? What a quaintly naive idea.