Ecofiscal Commission Wants To Raise Carbon Tax By 400%

It just never stops.

Apparently, many Canadian elites think we still aren’t paying enough taxes.

And they’re seeking to use the carbon tax as the lever to raise our overall tax burden dramatically.

The Ecofiscal Commission, a ‘think tank’ that regularly pushes the agenda of the establishment, is calling for hiking the carbon tax by 400%.

“Commission chair Chris Ragan said hiking the carbon price $20 per year between 2022 and 2030, until it hits $210 per tonne, would get Canada to its targets under the Paris Agreement on cutting emissions. That would be on top of the $50-a-tonne price on carbon emissions that will be in place by 2022.

The federal price, in provinces where it applies, is at $20 per tonne now, and is going up $10 a year in each of the next three years.”

In addition to calling for the massive carbon tax increase, the Ecofiscal Commission is also pushing to have the carbon tax rebates go more towards corporate tax cuts and personal income tax cuts.

The issue there of course is that the carbon tax then becomes even more of a scheme to funnel money to well-connected corporations, and politicians can’t be trusted to actually give back an equal amount in tax cuts.

After all, Trudeau is already giving exemptions to some big companies, letting them pay only 10% of the full carbon tax rate, even as the tax is applied 100% on consumers.

This is has been the plan from the beginning. It’s the ‘foot in the door’ technique. They get people to accept a ‘small’ carbon tax, then once that happens they raise it over and over and over again until it’s another massive revenue stream for the central government, further hampering our economy, further hurting Canadian families, and taking more and more financial freedom away from the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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I read up on the new “Rain Tax” that is also being looked into as well. This would be blamed on climate change causing more rain and insurance industry is quite concerned of the high water levels now possibly flooding Toronto and lack of infrastructure to take the water away.

Marion Leyland

It will NEVER stop as long as Liberals are in power – and just think of the GST windfall for the government!! And even if Canada meets the Paris Accord target, it’s like a spit in the ocean!! Wake up Canadians!!!

Moe S.

If you demoralize and shame people with little lies i.e., need $20/ton to save the planet, you make them have to agree to the huge lies i.e., we need to pay $210/ton more in carbon taxes to save the planet. The ole bait & switch.


I cannot believe 1) that anyone with any common sense at all believes that a tax will fix our environment. 2) that they are so stupid to have voted for an escalating tax like this to make everything more expensive and even your house tax has to go up to cover this extra expense for the provinces. 3) that they want corrupt entertainment instead of a country, so foolish.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess this won’t be factored into the cpi for wage and pension increases LOL. Bread at $10 a loaf here we come. I for one am going to just stop spending completely, and what I do have to buy like food will be on sale. Starve the beast.

Merlin Nichols

There will certainly be ramifications: push the price of food beyond the reach of most people who still eat since Canadian farmers will be out of business; make it impossible to transport our goods and services at a price consumers can afford; reduce Canadians to a hunting and gathering society with nothing to hunt and little to gather; and do nothing about reducing atmospheric carbon – which is a red herring in any case.

Brian Dougan

It looks like the “Ecofiscal Commission” will put the newly minted “Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity” out of business.

Brian Dougan

A thought came into my mind. I’m sure it’s been said recently: As I was growing up–The older generation said that the government would one day “tax the air we breathe.” Well….That day has come. I can only shake my head in despair. It’s almost like Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ “Five Stages of Grief.” I’ve gone through the anger and disbelief. Now? I’m almost at the stage of “resignation.” I grieve for my dying country….Passing away before my eyes. Our young children have a pretty bleak future ahead of them. How two individuals–Trudeau; father and son–have been able to wreak so… Read more »


I have never heard anything so ignorant. These people live in some sort of imaginary world. Will someone tell me just how Trudeau’s Climate Tax is supposed to have any effect on world climate? The one thing this bull$ht will do is firmly establish an underground economy wherever possible. Theft and shoplifting is going to explode, just like it has for booze. Walk in, take what you want and walk out. The Courts and Police will simply be unable to keep up. One thing for sure – there will be a drastic drop in sales of everything Made in Canada… Read more »


There was a reason that I was begging people to vote the liberals out.
This has little to do with carbon and more to do with tax and power.
The future is not looking brighter.


They won’t have to worry about meeting the Paris Accord, Canada will be gone as we know it it long before they hit $210 per tonne. For one thing the Western provinces would likely separate, and if that didn’t happen there would be a widespread tax revolt followed by a physical one like they are having in Hong Kong.