Why Should Canada Be Involved In ‘Peacekeeping’ When We Can’t Even Defend Our Own North?

Our priorities are totally out of whack.

Following reports that the U.S. is getting fed up with Canada’s anemic military spending, some are concerned that our peacekeeping presence is declining.

Tweeting about a National Post article that says Canada’s ‘peacekeeping contribution’ is at an historic low, Conservative MP James Bezan slammed Justin Trudeau.

“Hey @JustinTrudeau – Canada is not back! Our UN peacekeeping contributions are now at historic lows under your watch! Quit breaking promises and using our troops to impress the UN in your vain attempt to get a seat on the Security Council.”

While Bezan has often been a good advocate for the military, I have to disagree with his criticism here. It’s not a bad thing that Canada’s UN peacekeeping contribution is low. It’s actually a good thing. Canada shouldn’t be doing any peacekeeping at all, especially considering that we can’t even defend our own north.

Bezan has been calling for higher military spending, so he is on the right track there.

But increased military spending must be used to build up our ability to defend our own country, not go on UN missions.

Our north is undefended, while China and Russia build up their forces dramatically in the arctic. With the risk to our national security and sovereignty rising, and with our close ally the U.S. running out of patience with our weak military spending, Canada must immediately take action to strengthen our armed forces and ensure that we can protect our entire territory.

UN missions shouldn’t even be under consideration. Our focus must be our own national defense.

Spencer Fernando

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It appears that the rumor that an organized muslim vote may have assisted the re election of this deficient PM could be true . Who in their healthy minds other than those who have been granted favors would vote to have this supreme failure back on the throne


The one world communist/ecco warrior agenda UN is something Canada should be stepping out of period. We should be spending our money in Canada and for Canadians to make our country stronger and protected.
I just bought my xmas cards to send to the military to thank them for their protection and wish these good men and women the best.


I take it that it is one more of our citizens duties to Google Earth our North now?


Assisting the French is always a bad idea in Mali or anywhere. WWI and WWII come to mind. The French always seem able to drag us into a fight they lose to rescue them.

As for the UN we should leave it as soon as possible. It’s a waste of valuable resources.

Canada’s military will be busy soon enough trying to stop our Yugoslav style devolution the way Trudeau has us all against each other.

Don Taylor

TURDeau has a bunch of feces for brains,and he proves it every day

Clive Edwards

Shhhh! Our globalist masters are stifling their mirth at our slagging of their puppet. I heard one of them say, “so what are you (Canadians) going to do about it?” It is the puppeteers, not the puppet, that we need to address.

old white guy

When the rest of the world decides what it wants to do with the north Canada will be less than an afterthought.

Steve Sinclair

I agree with Mr. Bezan. Peacekeeping missions help keep our troops at a higher level of preparedness. The recent Mali mission is a case in point. It allowed our helicopter pilots to work under real conditions in a harsh environment and our medical staff got a lot of real world, battlefield experience. Lessons learned will be brought back, disseminated and incorporated into the training curriculum. Politically I think the mission was a waste of time; simply another virtue signalling maneuver by Trudeau in his lust for a useless, non-voting seat on the UN Security Council. As a veteran I can… Read more »

Clive Edwards

I agree Canada shouldn’t be involved in UN missions; nor should we be involved in NATO missions. We once had the best weapons platform on the planet for defending our airspace in the Avro Arrow. The U.S. wouldn’t let us use it and in fact demanded we destroy the planes, the blueprints and the teams that designed and built it. We were, however, allowed, even forced, to buy a missile defence system from the U.S. It pisses me off no end that Canada is kept on a short leash held by the Americans as far as our military, our industry… Read more »