Scheer Unveils Leadership Team, Appoints Leona Alleslev As Deputy Leader

The besieged Conservative Leader is facing mounting pressure.

Andrew Scheer has announced his new leadership team, as he faces mounting internal criticism and fights to hold onto his job.

Scheer has appointed Leona Alleslev – a former Liberal MP who crossed the floor to the Conservatives in the last Parliament – as Deputy Leader.

Scheer also said he is staying on:

Here’s the rest of the leadership team:

Opposition House Leader: Candice Bergen – Manitoba

Chief Opposition Whip: Mark Strahl – B.C.

Opposition Deputy House Leader: John Nater – Ontario

Deputy Opposition Whip: John Brassard – Ontario

Caucus-Party Liaison: Diane Finley – Ontario

Conservative National Caucus Chair: Tom Kmiec – Alberta

Caucus-Opposition Leader’s Office Coordinator: Chris Warkentin – Alberta

Quebec Lieutenant: Alain Reyes – Quebec

You can watch Scheer’s full announcement below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

Hard to Port……Unsteady……..


With Michelle Rempel and Pierre Poilievre not receiving a post, I’m not impressed.


Who is going to be in the front row with Scheer? It is going to be hard if not impossible to find bulldogs like Pierre Poilievre, Michelle Rempel, Candice Bergen and Lisa Raitt. Time will tell but we will find out in the next few months. I honestly don’t hold much hope, particularly since Singh has such a deep and intense hatred of Conservatives and Conservative votersband will go against everything Conservative. I also suspect Trudeau was so terrified of Raitt that he had his Immigrant Department deliberately fill her Riding with migrants and immigrants.


The left is so scared that they are still bad mouthing Andrew Scheer in their bought out media, I include all the lefties infiltrating the Conservatives. Remember Andrew Scheer is FOR a strong Canada, for less debt, less taxation and lawful government, while still keeping the country together and clean, he is polite, trying to get Canada working again not all divided up, he is a Canadian gentleman, and is intelligent, a statesman. But Andrew Scheer is NOT a radical one world agenda puppet big tax and debt showman trying to control your bedrooms, and money and lives or marching… Read more »


Scheer is and was incapable of taking control of the campaign and election that was handed to him. I still have no idea what his plans were for adapting to a changing climate or even if he had one. Where is his stand on Communist China, on Trump, Brexit, on all foreign affairs? We don’t know because he let the Liberal liar control the campaign, always reacting to Trudeau and the media that have been bribed by Trudeau using our millions.


Pure politician…you knew the gender would be an issue.


His handlers haven’t learned the most basic things. Why is he bowing his head in submission to read his speech? The lectern should be much higher so he can look straight into the camera. It projects confidence and strength. Trudeau, even when he blatantly lies, has his head up and speaks with a strong voice, aggressive even to the point of yelling.