During Trudeau Throne Speech, Governor General Says “We Are Inextricably Bound To the Same Space-Time Continuum And On Board The Same Planetary Spaceship”

Alright then…

The Trudeau government throne speech contained the usual focused-grouped lines and rhetoric about ‘collaboration.’

Of course, the Trudeau Liberals have no choice but to collaborate, since they no longer have a majority.

And yet, the throne speech still managed to include some odd moments, including this from Governor General Julie Payette:

“We share the same planet. We know that we are inextricably bound to the same space-time continuum and on board the same planetary spaceship.”

Uhh, alrighty then.

Strange as it is, it does seem to fit with Trudeau’s head in the clouds approach:

“I always kind of thought Trudeau was from another planet.. now this proves it!!”

And, as noted by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, the word-salad in the throne speech came at the expense of real issues impacting Canadians:

“The “space time continuum” and “spaceship earth” got more airtime and detail in Trudeau’s list of priorities for Canada than the workers in my province.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The Governor General was an American astronaut, wasn’t she? But the rest of the lieberals are not grounded either, and definitely not in Canada or even for Canada just the power to take our money for their space agenda?


Didn’t she have something to do with UFO’s or something? Does this have any relation to Trudeau’s space / time thing? Are they somehow related?


Welcome to the Twilight Zone of our current government.
My wife is thinks she’s a f—k–g idiot.


Joe, your wife is absolutely correct. She is the BIGGEST Idiotic GG that Canada has ever had!

Joseph Scully

The weed in Ottawa must be pretty strong.

Brian Dougan

Here’s hoping the Trudope Liberals–and the galactic “Governor General”–beam themselves back to the Mothership. Call home ET Trudeau–call home! These morons just gave another gem to the international press. Can you imagine President Trump saying something so weird–and utterly stupid? I guess Trudope and Payette share the same brain cell.

old white guy

We know what planet the liberals are not on, it is not earth.