WATCH: Joe Biden Uses Footage Of Trudeau Laughing At Trump In New Attack Ad

This will make things far worse for Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s incompetence and insulting of our most important ally has already been turned into an anti-Trump campaign aid.

Joe Biden is using footage of Justin Trudeau laughing at Donald Trump as part of an ad attacking Trump on the world stage.

This will only deepen the controversy caused by Trudeau’s ‘mean girls’ immaturity at the NATO conference, and will deepen the animosity Republicans have towards Trudeau, and towards the Canadian government.

Clearly, it doesn’t bode well for Canada at all, another example of Trudeau failing our nation and putting Canada’s interests at serious risk.

You can watch the Biden ad below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Major Tom

God bless President Trump! God bless America!

old white guy

Giggling socialists, yep, that will make Americans vote for you Joe. Putting their lack of class and intellect on stage for all the world to see probably gave President Trump a bump in the polls.


This will not end good for Canadians!
The worst possible thing to do to President Trump is publicly laugh at him.
This also gives President Trump a focus point to use his rage at the 3 years of attack by the Democrats.


Pay back time as former U.S. President Obama endorsed Trudeau in 2019 Election

Liba Cunnings

The video is great. We should only replace the name “Trump” with the real problem, Trudeau. Everything else applies the same.

Cheryl Prosyk

We have a buffoon running Canada and the destruction of Canada is already here!

Ron Shaw

I hope Trump offers Alberta the option to join the US . That would throw a f—k into Todumbs treasonous anti oil gas natural resources plans to destroy the west , and then see who gets the last laugh !


Ron when the first Trudeau was dividing Canada, the USA said it would welcome the east coast provinces, and the west if they wanted, but did not want socialists, I remember that well.


fyi, the east coast are & always have been left socialist provinces.

Peter Black

The pot calling the kettle black. Biden is the incompetent twit.


Sorry Joe. Trudeau did what he did because he felt inadequate and therefore to make himself feel better he made fun of someone else – much like what happens among children in a playground. It’s bullying – very similar to how you would take Trump behind the bleachers to teach him a lesson. Seems to be the only thing the left know.

Ruth Scott

This reminds me of high school— the “cool” kids making fun of the ordinary students.They are CREEPs and always will be. A lot of money can take them a long way, but will they ever realize how immature and nasty they really are. I believe Mr Trudeau has made a personal enemy of Mr. Trump. Thank God for the former good relations between Canada and the United States, and also thank God that Donald Trump can see through this childishness until Trudeau is gone, ( may that be soon). I also pray for Donald Trump as he deals with so… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

I have very little to add to this article except to express my amazement that this is the Democrats candidate for President of the United States, this feeble entry makes Trump look like much the better choice, and I wouldn’t have thought that anything could do that. As far as Trudeau making fun of Trump, that is what you should expect of a grade 7 level person. Trudeau has no standing within world leaders so now he is down to elbowing them and saying look, look look.