SELL-OUT: As China Continues Jailing Two Canadians, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman Has Fawning Meeting With China’s Ambassador Who Threatened Canada

Absolutely pathetic.

Cong Peiwu is China’s new ambassador to Canada.

He’s seen as much harsher and more aggressive than his predecessor.

And he already got off to an aggressive start, threatening Canada and saying we would face consequences if we passed legislation similar to that passed by the U.S. Congress on Hong Kong.

As reported by the Epoch Times, Canadian Senator Leo Housakos already stood strong and said Canada shouldn’t stand for those threats:

“Sen. Leo Housakos, one of the senators behind a pending motion to sanction Chinese officials for rights violations, says the Canadian government “shouldn’t tolerate any threats from the Chinese regime” after Beijing’s ambassador threatened “very firm countermeasures” in response to the motion.

“Nothing is more egregious than the Chinese ambassador threatening the Canadian government,” Housakos said in an interview.”

But when it comes to standing strong, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman is doing the exact opposite.

In a weak and pathetic move, Bowman held a fawning meeting with Peiwu, helping legitimize the Ambassador’s threats by not even reacting to them, and once again showing the pathetic weakness and submissive attitude of Canada’s political elites.

“Whose going to tell him they have two of our people in torture like conditions?”

Note how Bowman says nothing in his Tweet about detained Canadian Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, and refuses to push back on the threats of the ambassador:

“Pleased to visit with Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Cong Peiwu. Thank you for a productive discussion about our Sister City Chengdu, trade, and Winnipeg’s goal of becoming a leader in the protection and promotion of human rights.”

He even thanks him.

What pathetic move by Bowman.

Bowman has disgraced Winnipeg’s efforts to become a city focused on human rights, and his weakness will only embolden China’s mistreatment of our country.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Canadians have a lot of sorry politicians in place. Again going back to people not knowing who they are voting for. Also Politicians not being scrutinized enough before elections through the media. We need a deeper look into who they are and what they stand for. This jolly jumper is not taking full advantage of his brain.


Chinese ambassador is talking tough.Who cares you don’t intimidate us.


Is Bowman a Mennonite?? That would answer some of the questions……passive, yes passive :-/ Would have been a great opportunity to question the Chinese official about our 2 innocent Canadians. Oh, another missed opportunity while the Canadians languish in cold stark Chinese jails – for what?

the Commodore

I think our first move would be to send the Chinese Ambassador packing – he walks in and threatens us – send him home to think about it – we will miss some of the things we get from China but as time rolls on we will find that we are perfectly capable of producing everything we need to survive – our quality of life would improve – our pride in our nation would improve – business would thrive – my heart goes out to the Chinese people to have to live under a regime such as this – it… Read more »


Trudeau Has Always’ Been A Coward First , Last and Always’!