Jody Wilson-Raybould Comments Following SNC-Lavalin Guilty Plea

“I have long believed in the essential necessity of our judicial system operating as it should—based on the rule of law and prosecutorial independence, and without political interference or pressure,” says Wilson-Raybould.

Former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has commented following SNC-Lavalin’s guilty plea on one count of fraud, and the settling of their legal case related to corruption in Libya.

Here’s what Wilson-Raybould said on Twitter:

“I have long believed in the essential necessity of our judicial system operating as it should—based on the rule of law and prosecutorial independence, and without political interference or pressure. (1/3)”

“Ultimately, that system was able to do its work—as democracy and good governance requires—and an outcome was reached today. Accountability was achieved. (2/3)”

“2019 began with very public questions about the rule of law in our country. I am glad to see it end with that principle being upheld. The justice system did its work. It is time to move forward and for the company to look to its future. (3/3)”

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Donald O'Kane

I am glad Jody Wilson Raybold was there to uphold the rule of law but sad that it cost her her job. That went a looong way to show just how corrupt Trudeau and the PMO really are, as are the whole Liberal caucus. The only way this liberal government won the election this year is by rigging the election. I hope ALL Canadians can now see the true face of our federal government, not just us Western Canadians. Wake up Canada they are working very hard to kill Canada and take it all away from all of us. DO… Read more »


Now she can keep her office…there is a whole lot more that hasn’t been brought out. She wont say anything. Corporate plea bargains , fill the coffers, everyone smiles and shakes hands and business as usual. SNC gets the TransMountain pipeline, Laurentians win again. Taxpayers lose regardless.
Let any other Canadian company try that plea bargain for criminal ethics violations…..maybe not so easy.

Steve Richards

The only reason the rule of law prevailed is because the Libranos realized that if they pushed forward with getting them out of this jam it would cause the Bloc, NDP’s and the Conservatives to cry foul and bring down the minority gov’t. Don’t worry, they will figure out another way to repay them. They always do.

Joanne Sanford

Then why did the government give all that money to China? For Coal, for petes sakes!!! What was wrong with Coal that is aleady here for us to sell?
People, wake up, before it’s too late! The Government of Canada is selling us out to China and other like minded countries!! Come on!!!!

Eric Blair

That is all nice and good that SNC pleaded guilty but what about the interference from Trudeau et al she received. That is separate from SNC’s case. I bet we will hear nothing more about this case.


Smart thing for the Conservatives to do now is stay completely out of this one. JWR refused to join them, as Alleslev did. Let her take her chances fighting it out with her former boss.


I wonder if she is considering a justified multi-million dollar lawsuit for a variety of charges. Sexual harassment, unlawful dismissal, racism, hate speech, lying, defamation, character assassination – all against Trudeau and the PMO staff including Butts who isn’t a Government employee but is being paid by us.

Trudeau’s response would likely be tears, accepting responsibility and a promise to try to do better going forward. No resignation of course.


While I do not see Jody Wilson Raybould’s motives as pure. I am glad that this was brought to light.
I see this a greater issue to the taxpayer being burdened with SNC Lavalin being hired for contracts and padding their governors bills, looking to recoup their fines. With this standing government assisting them in that gain.


A judicial system that operates “without political interference or pressure”.
Then all judges must be elected because the current roster is filled with political insiders, partisan patronage appointments and political hacks!