RISING COST OF LIVING: Canada’s Core Inflation Rate Highest In Decade

At the same time as debt is rising and growth is slowing.

Canada’s core inflation rate is up 2.2%, the highest it’s been since 2009.

The overall inflation rate also rose by 2.2%, up from 1.9% in October.

A key driver of the rising inflation rate was an increase in costs for shelter and vehicles.

Energy prices are up 1.5%, while fresh and frozen beef increased by 6.2%.

The cost of fresh fruit and vegetables also grew.

The rising cost of living is happening at the same time as Canada’s economy is slowing, and the household debt burden is rising.

And with the Trudeau government showing itself to be clueless about what’s really going on for struggling Canadians, the road ahead looks grim.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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The road ahead is grim and sadly it will get grimmer until Canadians get off their backsides and protest loudly and in numbers that even the CBC will understand

Garlet Farlett

Grim isn’t the word, DISMAL, DEPRESSING… At the same time this is all happening, the clueless on the hill want to INCREASE the carbon tax even more and completely empty our pockets. There’s nothing left at the end of the month any more! All I see from this government is an inability to get one single file straight, but manages somehow to increase taxes, ban property, give money to everyone outside the country, and bring in sketchy immigrants.


Your right a canadian impeachment could have been done many times!
We Canadians need to step up and get off the couch and make it happen.


Do the crowds of climate protesters even realize they are going to have to survive on what is left from a possible paycheque when the Federal Government takes 60% off for taxes? This Liberal stupidity will have to be paid for some time and somehow, and there is only one source. I’m retired, my house is paid for, I worked and saved and my pension is assured, theirs isn’t.


“Shocking,” that spending money we don’t have and then borrowing from our enemies to cover it, then taxing us to death to pay the minimum on the charges on the Chinese credit cards they ran up in our names, would lead to this LOL! But hey, as long as libocrites can find enough rubes who still believe in “YAY FREE STUFF!” to vote for them, they will keep getting elected again and again using this exact same, tired old scam! Whee!

Gary major

I’m interested about how the inflation rate for energy is only 1.5% I received a propane bill this week with an increase of 24 cents a litre By my math that’s 24 cents a litre on 54 cents an increase of 33% in 3 months just under an inflation rate of 3% a year!


They are not clueless, they don’t care. They are systematically dismantling the country with purpose. If is was only one incident, it would not be noticeable. This is glaring. They are taking more of the working classes money and blatantly giving to people that are coming for the perks not to live our way of life, or helping in growing the country. They are not looking for ways to stop drugs and gangs, but letting them flourish at the same time having media hide why is happening. They are letting terrorist back into our country. And making sure they will… Read more »

William Jones

“The Trudeau government is showing itself to be useless………” It does not ‘have to show itself….” that reality is Liberalism at work. Remember, when someone can make the statement: “The budget will balance itself,” and believe that comment, further discussion with respect to finances and reality are pointless.”