“TOTALLY IN VAIN”: China Mocks Trudeau’s Request For US To Help With Release Of Kovrig & Spavor

Trudeau shows that he has zero respect or influence on the world stage.

Recently, Justin Trudeau asked the US to make the release of Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor a condition of signing their upcoming ‘phase 1’ trade deal.

While it was a rare decent move by Trudeau, it once again showed reliance on another nation, and given both his previous mocking of Trump, and previous weakness towards Communist China, it seemed unlikely to go anywhere.

And, now we see once again how little respect or influence Trudeau has in the world.

China is flat out mocking the request, as reported by the Globe & Mail:

China says Trudeau is “doomed to fail.”

“Linking a deal to ease escalating tariffs between the world’s two largest economies with other issues is “totally in vain,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Friday.”

“He then employed a Chinese idiom describing an action that is dangerous or perhaps desperate: “Those who pull other people’s chestnuts out of the fire will only end up burning themselves.”

Canada, he said, must be “too heartbroken for tears” if it is taking such a step.”

‘“Whoever is most desperate will know that best,” he said.”

According to the report, Trudeau was met with “derision” in China:

“Frankly speaking, what Trudeau is saying is nonsense,” said Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing, who is also an adviser to the State Council of China, the country’s cabinet.

“Everyone knows that a trade deal will benefit both the U.S. and China,” he said, “and Trump will undoubtedly prioritize benefits for his country.”

Shen Dingli, a Fudan University professor and one of China’s top scholars in international relations, said “Trudeau’s words won’t make any difference.

“What matters most to Trump is winning re-election. How can Trudeau’s request matter to him? Trump must take action, especially on trade matters, before next November. If he wants to make gains with voters, he knows what his priority needs to be.”

As you can see from the excerpts above, Trudeau is seen as a weak joke with zero credibility, zero influence, and zero respect. What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

How did the Canadian people get stuck with such a weakling PM?


a LOT of stupid people voted for him, unfortunately…

Donald O'Kane

Yes well Trudope and the Lieberals have NO RESPECT from Western Canadians. We seem to be the only Canadians that can see what’s happening here but are powerless to do anything. This is why Western Canada must break from confederation, therefore, GO WEXIT GO!!!!!




Yes Trudeau the nagging feminist, whining for help again, as I read this morning in the US news in regards to the US/China trade deal.
Canada needs a real government FOR the whole of Canada, not the weak owned pretending puppets we somehow have sadly re-elected.


Globalist puppet, sock brat trudeau is a complete fool & failure in every way with zero credibility. Shared.


Tell us how you really feel China, lol.
I am shaking my head at how the election went so wrong, when other countries are mocking our government.


You have to wonder what Justin, Mulroney and Chretien and Manley are really up to..what are they trying to accomplish, and for who..?Frankly I wish we knew more about the activities abou the two men what with all the news attention? And about their (supposed) alleged activity..the government should be encouraging fair open justice and not the kind of thing that was seen with Lavalin….I am not here to judge..


Oh yes you are.. and so is everyone else here, including me, and from my perspective, our idiot ‘Leader’ deserves every last piece of judgement he has coming to him.


How can you describe it as “a rare decent move by Trudeau”? It was totally spineless. Trudeau cannot dump his problems on Trump. It was typical of how Trudeau operates – a meaningless gesture to create the illusion that he is doing something about Canada’s China problem. And then Trudeau jumps on a jet and heads to Costa Rica for three weeks to hit the surf and build sand castles.


All other nations see this and are watching. Mulroney’s comment about our lack of action on the NATO 2% requirement is being noted by the others. His weakness is also watched closely by the Saudis, NCCM and Islamists as well as the Punjabis as they see he can be played like a fiddle. Pathetic and embarrassing.

Trudeau didn’t win, Scheer lost. WEXIT.


Canadians lost.


Arresting a Chinese national would have been okay IF we had a leader like President Trump or Winston Churchill. The people who re-elected Trudeau are the millenials who think that Trudeau and his socks are so cool, or people who have voted Liberal their entire lives because every ancestor they ever had voted Liberal. As for Andrew Scheer, at least he campaigned on other things besides climate change, but he lost votes because his socks are dull and boring. As for Alberta – why would any leader NOT want their country to become self-suffient when it comes to fuel? My… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Canada is in this mess because of our weakness in arresting a Chinese National on orders from the US. One would think the US would understand this and they do; both China and the US piss on our heads while “the big boys” talk business. We were never more than a warm up act for Trump. It was never in our interest to arrest Meng. Are we weak or merely too stupid for words? We should be doing our own trade deal with China. Our farmers and oil workers are hurting big time because we defer to the US, who… Read more »


I do not think our prime minister will ever learn.He thought he was smart by bringing all this communist oligards into Canada.They invested into real estate and brought the prices up to the heaven.Brought all these university students half of them are communist,and they set up all those associations that spy for China.They know our laws and how to manipulate them better than an average Canadian citinzen.Our forefathers knew better than the present government about communist China,but they were computer illiterate so they must have been stupid.The new generation like our prime minister think they are very cool with all… Read more »


Weak. Incompetent fool.

Juan Galt

Spencer, why do you think this latest blunder by Trudeau was a decent move? It only serves to highlight his weakness as a leader and impotence on the world stage.

Luc Pépin

M. liberal Nonsense Yahoo as usual .