“TOTALLY IN VAIN”: China Mocks Trudeau’s Request For US To Help With Release Of Kovrig & Spavor

Trudeau shows that he has zero respect or influence on the world stage.

Recently, Justin Trudeau asked the US to make the release of Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor a condition of signing their upcoming ‘phase 1’ trade deal.

While it was a rare decent move by Trudeau, it once again showed reliance on another nation, and given both his previous mocking of Trump, and previous weakness towards Communist China, it seemed unlikely to go anywhere.

And, now we see once again how little respect or influence Trudeau has in the world.

China is flat out mocking the request, as reported by the Globe & Mail:

China says Trudeau is “doomed to fail.”

“Linking a deal to ease escalating tariffs between the world’s two largest economies with other issues is “totally in vain,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Friday.”

“He then employed a Chinese idiom describing an action that is dangerous or perhaps desperate: “Those who pull other people’s chestnuts out of the fire will only end up burning themselves.”

Canada, he said, must be “too heartbroken for tears” if it is taking such a step.”

‘“Whoever is most desperate will know that best,” he said.”

According to the report, Trudeau was met with “derision” in China:

“Frankly speaking, what Trudeau is saying is nonsense,” said Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing, who is also an adviser to the State Council of China, the country’s cabinet.

“Everyone knows that a trade deal will benefit both the U.S. and China,” he said, “and Trump will undoubtedly prioritize benefits for his country.”

Shen Dingli, a Fudan University professor and one of China’s top scholars in international relations, said “Trudeau’s words won’t make any difference.

“What matters most to Trump is winning re-election. How can Trudeau’s request matter to him? Trump must take action, especially on trade matters, before next November. If he wants to make gains with voters, he knows what his priority needs to be.”

As you can see from the excerpts above, Trudeau is seen as a weak joke with zero credibility, zero influence, and zero respect. What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando


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