DISLOYAL: Trudeau Liberals Allow Communist-China Oil Company To Drill For Oil In Canadian Territory

China National Offshore Oil Corporation given approval to explore for oil in the Flemish Pass Basin.

The Trudeau Liberal government is allowing Communist China’s main government-run oil company to drill for oil in Canadian territory.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), has been given approval to drill in the Flemish Pass Basin, which is roughly 400 KM east of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Amazingly, this is happening at the same time as the Liberals put their boot on the throat of the Western Canadian Oil Industry.

“Justin Trudeau vetoes oil and gas projects by Canadian companies.

But he rolls out the red carpet for China’s state-owned oil company.

Reminder: Chinese companies like @huawei are major donors to Liberal front groups like @canada2020 and @fdnPETF”


Now, even as China threatens our nation and mistreats our citizens, they will be profiting from Canadian oil, all while Alberta struggles.

In short, this is disloyalty, and it is a disgrace. This never should have been approved, and it once again shows that whoever political class is serving, it certainly isn’t the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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How much $$$ is getting funneled into two faced trudeau’s foundation or perhaps another of traitor trudeau’s cash stashes I wonder. Shared.


This is really quite infuriating.
Again, the hypocritical liberals are against the oil industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan there are over 100. thousand jobs from that industry gone, and this is what they do, let China drill? The liberals give China 120 million tax dollars for their infrastructure bank, China builds pipelines. We give them $141 million for more coal industry. Coal fuels 70% of their factories, while our mines are shut down We get charged carbon tax and China keeps polluting.
When do Canadians rebel, to put a stop to this government?
Trudeau is the anti Canadian.


The end of Confederation is guaranteed by this regime.


Hope so

Robert Abbott

Trudeau the only place you belong is in jail. You are nothing but a coward and a child. To all the millennials who voted for this disgrace of a leader you can thank yourselves for the hunger and sickness will be enduring from the decisions you made.

Major Tom

How much did they pay him?


That would likely require a Bank Account Statement from one of the Communist Chinese Banks he approved. Make a note regarding Trudeau’s Bail Legislation when our economy falters in the next few months.

Norbert Kausen

WTF???? I have been saying that Trudeau is handing us over to China and we will be a territory of China! Trudeau has committed treason against Canada and he must be removed from office IMMEDIATELY, BEFORE there is no Canada left!

Ron Shaw

Where is the investigation, where is the Canadian outrage , why is Treasonous Justin not thrown out of office , of course no rcmp , they are liberal puppets

Gary major

BC he controls the Media Traitor to Canada!

Charlen Banbury

What bribery did the Liberals receive???


Cabinet confidentiality, just like everything else they don’t want Canadians to know.


The Trudeau Liberals are infuriating. Those who voted for him are foolish, gullible and complicit in the treasonous or criminal acts of the Liberals .


This jerk gets worse by the day. It is no wonder he is almost the most hated person in Canada.


Del, not “almost” the most hated person in Canada. He IS THE MOST HATED PERSON IN CANADA!

Nolan Diamond

Sadly, too many left wingers as usual, keep voting for Trudeau, to degrade Canada with poor decisions/policies.


Trudea….senior and junior have always been lovers of Red China. And now they are selling Canada out to this totalitarian regime!

Gary major

Treason pure and simple TREASON!


Looks like Canada has been sold out to China by the lieberals, except for Quebec. Follow where all the Chinese monies are going to? but it seems our RCMP and CSIS are bought out too along with bad mainstream media. I think English Canada has to beg the USA to take us in our politicians are bought out with our money and other communist states too. This is exactly like Venezuela, the Chinese, Russians and Cubans are running their police and armed forces etc. their politics and their oil and gold, while their news media is all bought out –… Read more »

Gary Dube

The Chinese have been mining in Northern BC for years as well. And get this..they do not have to hire Canadians. They refused saying, that Canadians are not qualified enough even though the training is available. The liberal government approved the mines and the Chinese use of only temporary foreign workers. They said they would slowly add Canadian workers but this has not materialized. At the same time, hundreds of BC miners have been laid off at other mines that are closing due to the liberal government’s environmental policies of stopping western Canada’s resource industries.


As long as voters continue to be dimwitted and lazy this disgraceful regime will continue to exist, enriching themselves while ruining the country. Time is running out to turn this around- they know it as do their disgusting allies.

Alex Frei

Nov. 1 2012 three of China’s national oil companies received more power to shape Canada’s energy markets as well as challenge the politics of this country than Canadians themselves. And you can thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper for this economic treason. The agreement supported more foreign takeovers of Canada’s natural resources, but paved the way for CNOOC’s dramatic $15-billion purchase of Nexen. That controversial deal, which the majority of ordinary Canadians opposed, represented the largest-ever overseas takeover of any firm by a Chinese national oil company. Both the trade deal and Nexen sell-off prove that no one betrays Canadian interests… Read more »


Bring them into Alberta next to drive down the labor costs


What about global climate change? And is China going to pay carbon tax to save the planet? So, Trudeau gets international money to stop our oil industry, and gets money from China, for China, to create Chinese oil industry in Canada. Still in shock and awe that Canadians elected this corrupt person.

Nolan Diamond

Left wingers, degrade whatever they touch & electing Trudeau again is proof.

Mark Gallicano

the Trudeau regime accepts another bribe from China .If you want to follow corruption just follow the money .Open the Trudeau foundation and I doubt moths will fly out .