WATCH LIVE: Trudeau Speaks Amid Reports Iran Shot Down Flight 752

Trudeau and the Canadian government will face pressure to respond.

Justin Trudeau is speaking following reports that Iran shot down Flight 752, a Ukranian International Airlines plane carrying 63 Canadian Citizens.

You can watch Trudeau’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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two faced trudeau is feckless & a bad joke on the world stage with less than zero credibility & as untrustworthy as the leaders of iran.


Trudeau wants transparency? Canadians have been attempting to have this promise fulfilled from Trudeau since elected.


At this point, it still is speculation and not evidence.
The media and their sources have lost my trust in reporting the truth anymore.


Trudeau is a liar and a weak leader.


More bla bla bla from the Crime Minister.
He can’t answer any question and from the looks of it he looks like hes about to break out laughing.

Phil Alexander

Since when has Red Green been Prime Minister. Maybe he will duct tape some old military equipment to threaten the Iranian regime with.

Ron Shaw

Never trust a Trudope , never trust the CBC , they both lie , take taxpayers monies with no results , spread fake news and and should be de funded .