Former SNC-Lavalin Executive Sentenced To 8.5 Years In Prison

Sami Bebawi was found guilty of fraud and corruption.

Former SNC-Lavalin VP Sami Bebawi is heading to prison.

He was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for fraud and corruption.

He had been found guilty of multiple crimes, including bribing officials in Libya, and taking millions for himself as he laundered the proceeds of crime.

A key part of the charges centered on SNC Lavalin’s interactions with the son of former Libyan dictator Saadi Gadhafi.

SNC-Lavalin was at the centre of one of Canada’s biggest political scandals, when Justin Trudeau fired Jody Wilson-Raybould after she pushed back on giving the company a sweetheart deal to avoid prosecution.

Spencer Fernando

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They should throw the keys away and let him stay a little longer.Canada is becoming more and more like a third country because of people like him.To people like him everything is business honorable or dishonorable business.


Now where is the RCMP investigation with Trudeau ? Has he got to them as well , my guess is yup , they are now in his elitist back liberal pocket , same pockets as SNC and the rest of the corrupt eastern leadership this country is forced to financially support . Is it any wonder the West wants out , Separation is on the unhappy West’s Agenda . Western investors have left , driving around corporate headquarters have packed up and left , large warehouses are gone , high rise construction empty suites , many manufacturering buildings now empty… Read more »


rondshaw I agree what is wrong with this Ontario where I live. We had first hand destruction here by the lieberals (with Telford and Butts at the helm) we finally got a real Conservative to run here and win to try to clean up the damage and debt, with the media and fed lieberals demonizing him constantly, and then 416 voted again for more lieberal corruption fed. destruction? I still cannot believe this stupidity here, like you I want to live in a real less corrupt real sovereign country, away from these ?brainwashed doom and gloomers, so this is a… Read more »


I hope all the not taxed bribe money they collected was also taken from them, with all the money he has now couple years if that in some fancy prison (or house arrest). For just a million or probably less even I would be happy to be fed and housed in a normal prison, for a couple of years, and I bet most Canadians would feel the same, easy money for the sweetly coddled rich. He does not need to work again, lucky man.

Nolan Diamond

So PM Trudeau was protecting/didn’t care about the corruption of SNC-Lavalin? Votes/jobs trump corruption in Liberal policies & honest Wilson-Raybould was fired.


8.5 years. In Canada that probably means he will serve 9 months and get out for good behaviour.


Canada’s PM and so many more should have been investigated and the ties of Deep Corruption would rock Canada and more.

Will Canada ever seen that day??
Hence Foreign interference when Canadian Elections are held the Rich Corrupt Elites will go the extra mile to not let the Investigation happen.

Major Tom

Good..….now let’s audit the tax exempt foundations…..and follow the money trail…..

Leo Frey

And Trudeau should be in the cel next to him if only our RCMP weren’t in bed with him.

Dustand Ashes

NOT ENOUGH! Make him pay back every dime with compound interest instead of supporting him on #TaxpayerContributions while in the hoosgow! #GARNISH his wages. Seize all his assets. Let his wife and children live like the rest of us #plebes.