WATCH: Jerry Dias Arrested

The Unifor head and other protesters were arrested for violating an injunction in Regina.

Jerry Dias has been arrested by Regina Police.

The Union boss and some protesters conducting a blockade of the Co-op Refinery Complex.

A court injunction was in place to reduce traffic delays, but that injunctions was violated, as Unifor continued to block traffic.

As a result, Dias was arrested.

You can view video of his arrest below:

Dias and Unifor had previously been involved in the federal election campaign, launching an anti-Conservative campaign despite the fact that Justin Trudeau’s policies have had a devastating impact on many Canadian workers.

Unifor’s campaign also caused serious concerns about media bias, as thousands of reporters work for Unifor, and most of those reporters failed to disavow Unifor’s anti-Conservative campaign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter