WATCH: Jerry Dias Arrested

The Unifor head and other protesters were arrested for violating an injunction in Regina.

Jerry Dias has been arrested by Regina Police.

The Union boss and some protesters conducting a blockade of the Co-op Refinery Complex.

A court injunction was in place to reduce traffic delays, but that injunctions was violated, as Unifor continued to block traffic.

As a result, Dias was arrested.

You can view video of his arrest below:

Dias and Unifor had previously been involved in the federal election campaign, launching an anti-Conservative campaign despite the fact that Justin Trudeau’s policies have had a devastating impact on many Canadian workers.

Unifor’s campaign also caused serious concerns about media bias, as thousands of reporters work for Unifor, and most of those reporters failed to disavow Unifor’s anti-Conservative campaign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

nothing can be done, this is Trudeaus right hand man.


This guy really wants to be in the limelight and gain power, and interfere in politics to the detriment o our country.


UNIFOR is a corrupt union they had no business to take sides during the election.The liberals are not for Canadian workers,they gave millions of dollars to support Chinese infrastructure on top of it they gave billions of dollars to develop LNG by China,yet they left Canadian engineers and workers hanging in the air.There is lot to be desired from the liberals yet UNIFOR suported them.I have been union member all my life and have never seen before where union members support a political party that is giving their jobs to a foreign country.If there was anything to be developed is… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Actually, many unions, particularly “internationals” will sell out their Canadian members to the American head office. IATSE, the international Film union with head offices in New York and which virtually controls the film and television industry in Canada, will not stand up for Canadian members when non-Canadian members want the jobs. Strangely enough, ACFC, the Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople is a Canadian union that was supposed to offer a real alternative. It is now a division of Unifor.

R Welgush

As it should be , he breaks the law, he pays the price. What kind of union supports the liberals like he dead.A number of unions have gone beyond what they were intended for

Donald OKane

Way to go Regina. Arrest those protesters.


Was Jerry Dias’s first call from Jail to Justin Trudeau ??
Mobster thinks he’s above the law and people believe him Think Canadians Think.


Hard not to feel really dispirited about Canada.

Leo Frey

Happy to see this POS get what he deserves. Only thing better would be to have them throw away the key. Unions are a big part of the problem in Canada today. They are well past their “best before” date.

Barry Partington

Kudos to Chief Bray and the RPS. The recent type of thuggish behaviour from the likes of Jerry Dias is not at all how we roll here on the flatlands. If this is how Unifor operates, and continues with its antics, they won’t be long for this province. God Bless Chief Bray and the RPS.


Why no hand cuffs?

Gary major

About time charge him with Election interference too!


Dias is a POS…Lock em Up!
Unfortunately, Turdo right hand man won’t be there long


How much you want to bet that Dias is Antifa/Soros Disciple?

Beverley Campbell

I have always found that if you wait long enough you will get what you most want, I think with this arrest I have almost everything that I want.


Beverley, Canadians do NOT have “almost everything that they want.” The decimation of Trudeau and his Corrupt Liberal Cronnies is another very important “thing” that Canadians want and there are many, many more wishes that we all want!


Neanderthalicly quaint. I think Jacques somebody did that for the posties union decades ago. I seem to recall concerns about bomb scares and trailers too. Can’t believe members elected him but then we have Trudeau libtards in government too…..says a lot.

Ruth Bard

Funny how “leftist” and ‘”scofflaw” go hand in hand at every level.

David MacKAY

Union Thug Dias was arrested as a message to Dias that Trudeau is his boss he is not his own boss.