With Coronavirus Spreading, Canada Must Restrict Incoming Flights From China

The government must act to protect the health of the Canadian People.

Fears are growing around the world as the coronavirus in China continues to spread across the country, and to countries nearby.

China has confirmed that the coronavirus is now spreading from person to person, and nearly 300 people are believed to have been infected within China.

As reported by the AP, “Concerned about a global outbreak similar to SARS, another coronavirus that spread from China to more than a dozen countries in 2002-2003, numerous nations have adopted screening measures for travelers from China, especially those arriving from Wuhan, the central city where the virus appears to have originated.”

Reportedly, The U.S., Australia, Japan, and South Korea have increased airport screenings.

Yet, with the Lunar New Year travel surge approaching, it’s essential that Canada take measures to protect the health of the Canadian People.

The Canadian government must impose restrictions on flights from China to Canada, until the coronavirus is under control. It’s far easier to contain a virus before it arrives, than to deal with it once it is in the country and spreading.

Considering that China’s government is already discouraging travel, it’s obvious that they know something very serious is going on, and Canada must take swift action before that danger is here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau won’t listen , he worships the communist party

Major Tom

Didn’t a succession of Canadian governments cease enforcing the Quarantine Act years ago? We’ve seen carriers of almost every disease known to man allowed into Canada….it’s called…..’open borders…..’

Beverley Campbell

I completely agree with rigid screening of incoming flights from China, we don’t want another SAR’s epidemic spreading, anyone with good sense will see that, Turdeau? Perhaps, perhaps not.


Why do all these viral outbreaks causing death originate in China?? China started with the Great Plague, the Third Plague Pandemic, the Asian Flu, the Bird Flu, SARS, and now Coronavirus. A friend of mine tells me that they use unsanitary methods of growing food, and their markets sell meats in unsanitary markets and this is why all these outbreaks occur in China.

Gary major

Better not leave it to trudeau to react anytime soon He’s useless as chinas re-assurances !


If anyone coming in to our country had to be quarantined as they used to have laws for, over half the diseases we now have in Canada brought back from abroad would not be now in Canada. We now have laws against this old protection it was inhumane they said for travelers, so just invite the diseases in for all of us? If these people can afford to travel they can afford to wait and be checked separately in special areas carefully as part of their travel costs??? IMO this would help the world clean up a lot more diseases… Read more »

Brian Dougan

The government must take “swift action.” Maybe when the cow jumps over the moon.


I doubt this gov’t will do a damn thing!

David MacKAY

Coronavirus was spread to Californian Los Angles by Chinese tourists to Disneyland in the first two weeks of January. Several Canadians returning to Canada from Disneyland since last week have been admitted to Canadian Hospitals suffering from Pneumonia – while Trudeau plays pretend that there is nothing here.
Corrupt Socialist do that to their people – they play pretend.