REPORT: Pierre Poilievre Won’t Run For Conservative Leader

It’s a shocking announcement, after Poilievre was seen by many as the front-runner among the Conservative base.

In a shocking move, Conservative MP and apparent leadership front-runner Pierre Poilievre has said he won’t run for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Here’s what Poilievre said on Twitter:

“Over the last several weeks, I have been building a team and support for a possible run for the conservative leadership. In criss-crossing the country, I have been overwhelmed with the favourable response.”

“I knew it would be hard on my family life to do this. But I did not realize how hard. It is harder still because I had just spent the earlier 18 months campaigning furiously to win back my seat in the recent federal election, I mostly missed the 1st year of our baby’s life.”

“As such, my heart is not fully engaged in this leadership race. Without being all in, I cannot be in at all. So I have decided not to seek the leadership of the party at this time.”

“I will continue serving the people of Carleton in Parliament.

I am not currently supporting any other candidate. But I will be looking for a strong fiscal conservative who will unleash free enterprise so people can achieve their dreams through hard work.”

“Finally, I want to thank the people who helped me, supported me and believed in me. I will never forget it.””

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Truly Sad news!


So sad to hear. He would have made a fantastic leader but he is wise to choose family first.

alan skelhorne

so who paid him of, this so simple, even the fraudster could figure that one out. sad day for Canada.

Steve Richards

It is all over now. Watch Scheer end up staying on.


Thud. That’s a hard fall. I had tremendous hope & expectation for Pierre as a terrific potential CPC leader. However, as a young new father I can certainly understand his desire to be present for his family – which he definitely would not be if he won the leadership. All the best to you Pierre! We’ll be looking for you in years to come. XOXO

David MacKAY

What Poilievre means is that – Max Bernier is right the Leftist Canadian Conservative party is with Trudeau going to hell in a hand basket and Canada is past the point of no return – so I want to enjoy what I have for at least a little while.
There I think that pretty well covers it for Poielievre, and Ambrose.


Since Pierre seemed to be the ONLY real conservative in the (possible) running, maybe HIS votes WILL go over to the PPC, and Maxime Bernier, the only TRUE conservative party in the country, now !
We can only hope.

Gordon Stevenson

Without Mr.Poilievre there I have no reason to support the CPC.


His reasons are understandable. Family should come first.

Gary major

Too bad Pierre has the balls to admit family is more important to him Good for you Bad for Canadians I think At least you Pierre will hold trudeau/moreneau/freeland/mckennas toes towards the fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one can’t wait for QP next week about time I imagine freeland will be the standin for surfer boy thou Good luck Wear the red dress OK!

Joe College

This is truly shocking news for Conservatives. I pray he will re-consider his position, realizing the Canada he intends his young child to grow up in is being threatened by socialists, globalists and idealogical and religious zealots who intend to destroy our country. Or is politics just a self-serving vocation for Pierre and others that work at the Ottawa Club we call Parliament?


so Andrew Scheer was not so bad after all…

Brian Dougan

What a shame. We’re done.

Eric Maille

Perhaps his wife is expecting or they are trying for another child. Can’t think of any other reason that makes sense unless Harper coming back. So we will be stuck with lightweight MacKay.


His decision is very understandable and is one of the results of years of planning by the Liberals and their controllers. Destruction of Canada, piece by piece. Not only do Canadians have to battle the Liberal lies, lack of morals, lack of ethics and flagrant manipulation of the Courts, we also have to battle the lousy stinking Media who grovel and slobber all over the Liberals. There is a word for those who sell themselves and their standards for money. They get hookered by the Liberal bribes. We will see how the next three years go, but I hold little… Read more »


Very disappointing news for Canadians, indeed! Pierre was the ONLY Candidate who would definitely rid us of Trudope. I did not care when more candidates like Peter McKay decided to run, because I knew that McKay, O’Toole or any other candidate could ever beat Pierre. I am beyond disappointed and wish that he would have been certain of his intent on entering the race from the start.


A politician with integrity! Who knew?!

Sharon Kerr

That’s one of the reasons I love this man, and wish him and his family the very best.


If the choice was between holding down a job and spending time with the family … What an incredibly lame excuse. Proper time management allows for both.
Obviously there have been some back-room dealings. This stinks.

Jeremy Kroeker

They’re going to sideline the ‘free market’ conservatives.