REPORT: Pierre Poilievre Won’t Run For Conservative Leader

It’s a shocking announcement, after Poilievre was seen by many as the front-runner among the Conservative base.

In a shocking move, Conservative MP and apparent leadership front-runner Pierre Poilievre has said he won’t run for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Here’s what Poilievre said on Twitter:

“Over the last several weeks, I have been building a team and support for a possible run for the conservative leadership. In criss-crossing the country, I have been overwhelmed with the favourable response.”

“I knew it would be hard on my family life to do this. But I did not realize how hard. It is harder still because I had just spent the earlier 18 months campaigning furiously to win back my seat in the recent federal election, I mostly missed the 1st year of our baby’s life.”

“As such, my heart is not fully engaged in this leadership race. Without being all in, I cannot be in at all. So I have decided not to seek the leadership of the party at this time.”

“I will continue serving the people of Carleton in Parliament.

I am not currently supporting any other candidate. But I will be looking for a strong fiscal conservative who will unleash free enterprise so people can achieve their dreams through hard work.”

“Finally, I want to thank the people who helped me, supported me and believed in me. I will never forget it.””

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter