Top-Tier Conservative Candidates Rip Former Quebec Separatist Richard Décarie For Foolish Comments On LGBTQ People

Richard Décarie has been widely denounced, including by Pierre Poilievre, Erin O’Toole, Peter MacKay, and more.

Former Quebec Separatist and lower-tier leadership candidate Richard Décarie is being widely denounced by the top-tier Conservative Party leadership candidates.

The comments followed this video of Décarie:

Of course, the media is loving Décarie. The establishment press loves nothing more than having someone say what they wrongfully assume all Conservatives think. In fact, the Conservative base itself voted at a recent convention to end the party’s past opposition to same-sex marriage, something the media always seems to ignore.

With the media giving Decaire more attention, top Conservative candidates reacted quickly, strongly denouncing Décarie’s comments.

Here’s what they said:

Pierre Poilievre

“The comments are as unacceptable as they are ignorant. You do not speak for Conservatives—or for Canadians. Being gay is NOT a choice. Being ignorant is.”

Erin O’Toole

“This statement is ridiculous. The Conservative Party of Canada is open to ALL Canadians. Our membership made it clear when we voted to recognize same-sex marriage.”

“Being gay is not a choice and nobody should be running for office on a platform to roll back hard-won rights.”

“I vehemently reject this message. I will not serve under someone whose leadership pitch is that someone’s sexuality is something to be “fixed”. I am full on tired of this type of shit defining the conservative movement in Canada. Giddyup, you’re going to have to go through me.”

“Stop. This. Fucker.

He has no place in my narrative of Canada or Confederation.

Well put #MRG”

Spencer Fernando

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