Law And Order In Canada Has Broken Down

When the law isn’t enforced, chaos will follow.

Canada is descending into chaos.

Trains are blocked.

Bridges are blocked.

Roads are blocked.

Highways are blocked.

And the authorities are doing nothing.

As radical extremist protesters continue to fulfill their openly-stated goal of ‘shutting down Canada,’ we are watching as law and order breaks down in front of our very eyes.

The protesters are explicitly breaking the law, and court injunctions are being issued meaning the protests are illegal and the authorities have a clear duty and obligation to remove them.

But they’re not.

They’re doing nothing.

Actually, they’re doing worse than nothing. They’re allowing the illegal protests to continue, while arresting law-abiding Canadians who try clearing the illegal blockades.

As I said on Twitter, this is a total disgrace, and it’s a total breakdown of law and order:

“The breakdown of law and order in Canada is a disgrace. The police have had their hands tied by cowardly politicians. At some point, a critical mass of Canadians will wonder why we are expected to follow the laws when there seems to be no punishment for breaking them.”

“If people can break the law with impunity and without consequence, why are any of us paying taxes?”

“This isn’t even a joke at this point. We pay taxes for roads to travel on and law enforcement to enforce the laws. If we can’t use the roads, and law enforcement doesn’t enforce the laws, what the hell are we paying for?”

“We have politicians who favour foreign oil, and federal police who protect lawbreakers while arresting law-abiding Canadians. More and more, the federal government appears to be anti-Canadian.”

Our country appears to be totally upside-down, and falling apart, and the biggest victims are law-abiding Canadian taxpayers who are being treated like suckers by the politicians and the radical extremist protesters.

Spencer Fernando


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