1,000 Via Rail Employees Laid Off Amid Ongoing Illegal Blockades

Via Rail service is in an ‘unprecedented’ shutdown.

Amid the unprecedented shutdown caused by the ongoing illegal blockades and the weakness of the pathetic Trudeau Liberal government, 1,000 Via Rail employees are being laid off.

The layoffs follow CN Rail laying off 450 workers, also due to the illegal blockades.

Now, those workers are without an income, and could face serious financial problems, all because the Trudeau Liberals refuse to enforce the law.

Liberal weakness is making things far worse, deepening the crisis in our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

This is beyond ridiculous. It is time for the military and the police to take control in whatever way that is necessary because Trudeau just doesn’t care. We have to take back our country regardless of Trudeau and his laws, so that he knows he will not rule over us and destroy this Wonderful Country.