While Canada’s Rule Of Law Collapses, Russia Is Profiting From A $27 Billion Arctic LNG Project That Finished A Year Ahead Of Schedule

Canada is falling further and further behind, and our decline benefits autocratic states at our expense.

While the Coastal GasLink Pipeline – which has passed the rigorous approval process and has the support of all elected Wet’suwet’en leaders is stymied by illegal blockades and a federal government that refuses to enforce the rule of law, other countries are moving ahead with rapid resource development.

Case in point, Russia has completed a $27 BILLION Arctic LNG project 1 year ahead of schedule.


Here’s an excerpt from the National Geographic:

“WHILE MOST OF the world is watching the rapidly melting Arctic with increasing alarm and placing the blame squarely on fossil fuels, Russia and its partners in France and China are seeing ruble signs. Billions of them, in fact, to be made selling Arctic fossil fuels to the rest of the world.

Late last year, the Russian energy giant Novatek finished building the northernmost industrial facility on the globe: Yamal LNG, a $27-billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant sitting at 71.2 degrees north at Sabetta, on the bank of the Ob River. The facility and its new port cling to the eastern shore of the gas-rich Yamal Peninsula, which sticks up like a frostbitten thumb into the Kara Sea—that is, in the middle of frozen nowhere.”

Canada also has no real military presence in the Arctic, leaving us unable to defend our own territory.

So, Russia is rapidly building up their capacity, and are set to make billions, strengthening the autocratic state.

Meanwhile, Canada is unable to get anything built, can’t enforce the rule of law, and is now seen as a pathetic and weak joke by much of the world.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube