TIPPING POINT: The Rule Of Law In Canada Is Dead

Radical activists now know that illegal blockades get results, and the consequences of that realization are already disastrous.

The rule of law is always a fragile thing.

And in some cases, it’s good for the law to be challenged.

Laws can be unjust, and in a free nation, people have the right to advocate for changes to the laws.

But what people don’t have the right to do is to shut down the economy of their country through illegal blockades.

That is totally different from opposing a specific law or advocating for an alternative.

Which brings us back to the fragility of the rule of law.

A government that refuses to uphold the rule of law, particularly in cases of egregious, economy destroying lawbreaking, is making a decision to destroy the rule of law.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in Canada.

Regardless of when the illegal blockades are brought to an end, it’s already far too late to restore faith in the rule of law.

That is already dead.

Radical activist have watched and listened to the ‘response’ of the Trudeau Liberal government.

They’ve watched as the actual voices of the Wet’suwet’en People are ignored by the federal government, and they’ve heard the elevation of those willing to break the law with impunity.

As a result, a clear message has been sent:

The rule of law is meaningless, and illegal blockades and lawbreaking are how to get results in Canada.

Trudeau’s weakness is the direct cause of this crisis, and we will be living with the consequences for years and years to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube