Quebec Premier Says Illegal Blockaders South Of Montreal Are Armed With AK-47s

He says “good sources” have told him this information.

Amid ongoing illegal blockades, there is a concerning possible escalation of the threat.

According to Quebec Premier Francois Legault, illegal blockaders in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake are armed with AK-47s:

“Legault told reporters in Quebec City the government has information from what he called “good sources” that there are AK-47s in Kahnawake.

He says Warriors on the reserve are armed, and the situation is very delicate.”

This is yet another possible escalation of the illegal blockader threat, and the possibility of a violent clash is continuing.

Now, with the weakness shown by the Trudeau government, the danger to all Canadians continues to grow.

It’s a national crisis, and it’s getting worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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According to local media a blockade is planned on the Pat Bay Highway which is the main route between Victoria and Sidney as well as BC ferries. They were organizing and planning protests on social media.


The Mohawk Warriors are very respected brave fighters too, as we have seen before, other tribes will tell you, we just need to get them united and working with us on Canada’s side again they are a great asset to our country, but now instead they will be used against us as our government divides us all.


trudeau will be pleased. – Shared.

Donald O'Kane

Send in the military wearing flak jackets and be prepated for a fight. I pray to God that a fire fight doesn’t happen but – hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Thanks to Trudeau these protesters are being VERY UNREASONABLE and DANGEROUS. It’s NOT the police or military that will escalate it. These protesters should have been dealt with 3 weeks ago. Anything that happens here now is on Trudeaus and the Liberals heads!!

Christian Poulin

Kahnawake is not under Quebec jurisdiction. The federal created the Peace Keepers (Mohwaks police.) The SQ (sureté du Québec) can only intervene if asked to.


You cant get an ak47 in Canada. Soooo ya no. Guaranteed its an sks in a tapco stock. A poor mans rifle. Its sad people who have no idea what they are talking about run their mouth on tabloids and other uninformed people eat it up like its true. Aswell if they are ak47 they dident come from law abiding gun owners because we cant get them. Its rhe criminals. Its always the criminals. Do you really expect these people to follow laws?


Why not just ban murder and then you wont have any more murders? Simple enough. Look at england. They are doing just fine with their bin a blade.


Part of Native Rights to have Hunting Weapons on Native Reserves.
I dislike any Canadian having different rights than other Canadians.


Trudeau wants to confiscate our firearms. Am I wrong to suspect that Trudeau’s firearm confiscation, all these illegal blockades and now illegal semi-automatic weapons are all part of the Liberal, NDP and Green plans to tear Canada apart and to destroy our economy?

shawn harris

Is it just old fashioned incompetence or more likely that Trudeau is deliberately trying to start a civil war in Canada? Trudeau’s words and actions have had the effect of not resolving the problem with protesters quickly and are only encouraging them to become more violent and aggressive. Instead of showing strong and decisive leadership, we are shown weakness that leads to an expansion of threats, blockades and now life threatening anarchy. And just how long are the RCMP and the provincial police forces going to stand by and just watch; until someone dies or is seriously injured? Canada is… Read more »

Arie Intveld

AK-47’s are prohibited in Canada. If Legault’s “good sources” have actually clapped eyes on terrorists toting around AK-47’s, it must be because CBSA is letting them through from New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.