“You Have Insulted Our Community”: Sc’ianew First Nation Rips Extinction Rebellion Climate Radicals For Trespassing

As we all knew from the beginning, many radical environmental groups are using Indigenous communities for their own agenda.

Sc’ianew First Nation is slamming the Extinction Rebellion radicals, after the group trespassed on Sc’ianew territory without permission and attempted to intimidate B.C. Premier John Horgan at his home.

In mid February, The Extinction Rebellion extremists went to the home of John Horgan to make a so-called ‘Citizens Arrest.’

Horgan’s wife Ellie was home at the time.

Now, the Sc’ianew First Nation is ripping the radicals, as reported by the Guardian:

“We find it disturbing that you would ignore our rights and titles over our traditional territory and not follow protocol and ask permission to enter our territory to carry on your political business,” chief Russ Chipp and two band councillors wrote in a letter provided to the Guardian.

“You’ve come into our territory without permission, putting yourselves above our traditional protocols and have insulted our community and terrorized a private citizen in our neighbouring community.”

The First Nation is calling on Extinction Rebellion to apologize to them and to Horgan’s wife Ellie Horgan.

This is no surprise.

Extinction Rebellion, like many radical far-left extremist groups only pretend to support Indigenous People. In reality, they are hurting Indigenous Canadians by blocking development and job opportunities, while destabilizing our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

I wonder if Trudeau is paying their ways


Finally, so good to hear First Nations is getting to speak up, and for their country, but I think they have been all along, but our not truthful media is ignoring them and supporting these paid terrorist radical groups agendas that are wrongly using First Nations to divide and destroy our country.

Eric Blair

Funny how this is reported by a British newspaper… where are Canadian newspapers/media on this story. Crickets

shawn harris

Maybe more first nations and indigenous peoples should follow their example and push backharder. It’s about time the far left radicals are exposed for the pretentious frauds they really are. And the silence coming from Trudeau after each and every single act of intimidation, violating our laws and destroying our economy, is beyond deafening, it is every bit as criminal as they are. Just how many more acts of this type will it take before Trudeau finds a spine and decides that real justice, not social justice, is the answer to these acts of aggression against Canada and Canadians by… Read more »